Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Monday, September 17, 2012


A neighbour, Kathy, suggested that we go into town to see the light show, which is on every night during the Brisbane Festival. We all wanted to practice our photography skills. I have never taken good night shots. I still can't get them focused and clear but hopefully with more practice I'll get there.
 We found a spot on the river edge close to the barge which is the nucleus of the
 light show.

 After the show we wandered around South Bank Parklands for a while.

 In the forecourt there was a ceiling of lanterns.

 The wheel was glowing.

A sphere sculpture which changed colours and density of colour.

Then we said good by to colourful Brisbane and drove home for hot chocolate.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


When I returned from our trips earlier this year my garden was looking tatty from neglect. I have been doing a little each day to try and restore it. Just as I'm doing this the weather decided to dry up. We haven't had rain for 2 or 3 months. So my efforts have been cancelled out by the lack of rain. Almost everything is looking dry and half dead. My water tank is empty from me trying to keep water on the plants. So now I use our connected water but we have restrictions.

However some of the flowers are making a stella effort to look pretty, after all it is Spring. The weather is beautiful for being outside. Clear blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the low 20's C. Here are a few shots of my Azaleas and Daisies.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Some of my readers have asked me to let them know when our SIL, Bernard Curry, got a role in a  TV show or movie. When he and his family returned to LA from Sydney a month ago he scored two parts within the first week back. So that was heartening news for everyone and we hope this is the start of many more.

He was very excited to get a guest role in the TV crime series "NCIS", which I had never heard of but many friends have told me they enjoy watching it and it is quite popular.
He also has a part in, "Pretty Little Liars", another I haven't heard about.

Before he left LA to host "Beauty and the Geek, Australia", he got a role in a pilot  called "Bounce". When he returned to LA he was told that the show is going ahead so all in all things are looking good for him.

 Bernie the actor.

Sonya and Bernie
 Bernie loving husband and father of .........

 Banjo and... (photo taken from Sonya's fb page )

Fox, our gorgeous grandsons. (not at all biased)

One of the sidelines of being married to an actor and living in LA is that our daughter gets to know some famous people like...
Sonya and Ryan Gosling.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Summer was coming to an end but it was still nice to visit the beach. My very best friend, Kerrie and her family invited Mum and me to spend a weekend at Culburra Beach with them. They had a "weekender" there, that is a a small house a bit like a big garage with lots of bunk beds for family and friends. Culburra is on the South Coast of NSW not far from the town of Nowra.

There was lots of fun things to do at this quiet isolated beach (It's not any more). There is a lake as well as a surf beach. We watched the water skiers but we didn't have a boat unfortunately as I would have loved to have a go. (I did a few years later)

However, we did have fun sand skiing/tobogganing in the sand dunes and 
clambering over the rocks at the water's edge.

Our mums enjoyed the sun and a break from work.

Sometimes we tried fishing in the lake.

We enjoyed bush walking and just for something different we climbed the flagpole. (Oh to be that slim again.)

Best of all was surfing, but I preferred to take photos as the water was very cold. Kerrie , her niece and Mum had fun though.

This was a great weekend to cheer me up and get me back on track after a sad experience the previous year.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


 When we were down the coast recently we walked up from the beach to the road on a board walk.

As I looked up I could see these guys working on an apartment building. 
While I was standing there gawking a lady passed me and said hello. It turned out to be a neighbour of ours and she told me that the apartment the guys are working on belonged to her and the guys were fixing the concrete cancer and changing the windows.

 They sure had a good view from up there.

 Looking south they would see where the Tweed River enters the Pacific Ocean and where the states of Queensland and NSW meet.

TOH with one foot in each state.
By the time I had finished chatting to the lady TOH* and my friends had walked off. I found them on the border in a coffee shop...(where else).
*The other half

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When we went to the Gold Coast a few weeks ago, we saw some interesting sights.

What is he photographing?
A rock painted like a frog
What the heck are these?
........made from plough prongs

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Horses for Courses is an English/Australian idiom with the following meaning:
Something that you say which means that it is important to choose suitable people for particular activities because everyone has different skills. 

Well this meaning suits me down to the ground as I am not suited to the activity of horse riding. When I was a child I had a best friend called Kerrie.  She and her family were a big influence on me when I was growing up. They were what we call"dinky di Aussies" and they taught me to be a tough Aussie kid except when it came to horse riding. They tried their hardest but never succeeded.

I was about nine years old when  Kerrie first introduced me to horse riding. I was at her house one weekend when she was minding a friend's horse. All the neighbourhood kids were taking it in turns to have a ride bareback. In her broad Aussie accent Kerrie calls,  "C'mon Diane your turn!"  I was a bit nervous but keen to do everything Aussie kids did, so Kerrie and the others gave me a leg up onto the huge beast. They gave me some quick instructions and said, "You'll be right."

The horse could obviously tell that I was sh*t scared and it decided that it wasn't going anywhere and just stood rooted to the spot. Kerrie and friends were yelling at me, "Kick it with your heels!" I gave a timid tap with my heels but to no avail. So then Kerrie and the others started giving the horse a smack on the rump and yelling at the animal to get moving.

Suddenly, without warning the horse took off and galloped across the dirt road and towards the trees. I was bouncing around on its back hanging onto the reins but didn't know how to use them. The horse made a sharp turn to avoid the trees and the last thing I remember was hanging on to its neck and sliding towards the ground.

When I woke up Kerrie's father was carrying me into the house while all the time berating Kerrie for causing the accident. Kerrie's mum put me in bed. She rang my parents who came to pick me up in Dad's work truck as we didn't own a car. Before they arrived I started throwing up, I was obviously suffering concussion. I had landed on my head but luckily nothing was broken. Unfortunately for Kerrie, she got a hiding every time I threw up. My mum being a nurse was able to mend me fairly quickly.

Every time Kerrie went horse riding after that she would invite me along saying, "You've got to get back on and keep trying or you'll never succeed." I did try a few times but I was always nervous.
Me, Jean and Kerrie about to go horse riding.

I'm not enjoying this.
When we were 16 Kerrie entered the work force but I continued at school. We didn't see much of each other over the next two years and I didn't go near a horse. She was socialising and I was studying but when I finished school we  started doing things together again. Yes, and the horse riding invitation came again.

I had just been tthrough a sad and traumatic experience breaking up with the love of my life and I was keen to put it behind me and get on with improving myself. So I was determined to become a horse rider. At nineteen I tried again. Have a look at the photo above. Look how Kerrie far right and Jean look so darn comfortable but me....I'm nearly wetting myself with fear, trying to smile and look confident.

The horse riding operator was aware of my fear and gave me the quietest horse in the stable.  I climbed aboard but the horse could sense my lack of confidence and just stood there and wouldn't move. My earlier experience flashed through my mind but the operator got the horse moving for me and she was a quiet mare. The whole time my heart was in my mouth and I was scared it would take off and I wouldn't be able to stop it. I didn't enjoy the ride but I loved my girlfriends for trying to help me overcome my fear. I even had nightmares about not being able to stop a horse that I was riding.

After this effort, I decided that I wasn't suited to this activity and I would develop other skills. I never rode a horse again until I was in my forties, when my daughters insisted we went horse riding while we were on holidays at Byron Bay. I must admit it was a lovely ride through the bush and along the beach. My heart was pounding most of the way but I was proud that I had done it. It is amazing how doing things for your children can make you overcome fears and just do it. However, I've never been on a horse again so these old photos capture a rare moment in my life.