Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Soon Be On The Road Again

It is time for another "Adventure Before (whatever).

On Monday we leave on a mystery road tour into the Queensland countryside. The Birthday Bear Group decided to have a holiday together to celebrate two birthdays in June. (Mary's and mine). One of our group (Ann) has organised the trip but won't tell us where we are going. We are hiring a Tarago people mover  with plenty of seats for us. The group has dwindled as Chris and Bob are away in Townsville and Helen and Paul can't come due to Paul having chemo therapy. However Birthday Bear is getting excited about the trip and has packed already. If you are not familiar with Birthday Bear's story click HERE.
"Now have I got everything?" 

"Ann has made me two new outfits  one for Mary's Birthday and one for Diane's"

"I hope Ann has included some long pants and jacket because its gonna be cold out in the country.This fisherman's outfit which I have on is not going to be warm enough."

Look I have my very own photo on the travel label. Everyone has to have one. It says "Birthday Bear's Mystery Walks Tour." Only 3 more sleeps to go...wheee.

All photos are from Ann the Tour organiser.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sad Side of Growing Old

The great thing about retirement is that you can can go on holidays whenever you like and for as long as you like. You can follow your hobbies and spend time with friends. The sad thing about getting old is that your body starts wearing out and aches, pains and illness start to plague you.
Recently 3 of our dear friends have been diagnosed with serious illness and it makes us very sad and  realise that we are all vulnerable.
Helen and Paul are our very dear friends and travel companions. Here we are waiting at the airport for an adventure of a life time. We went to England, Scotland and then did the river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, followed by a holiday in Switzerland.

Paul has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or asbestosis. He had a tumour and two ribs removed followed by internal bleeding. He is improving now and has started chemotherapy. They had to cancel two holidays that they had booked with us. So sad!

Henry and I went to teachers' college together 48 years ago. We met up again in 2002 at a reunion and have kept in touch ever since attending many reunions together.

Henry and wife, Janelle. 

Henry has been diagnosed with Multi Myeloma (I think it is a blood cancer that attacks the bone marrow.) He is in hospital where they are trying to control the pain and he is having chemotherapy too. He has not been able to attend any reunions lately. So sad!  

Bill and Ruth have been our friends for a long time too. We used to travel on wine tours with them for 15 years. Above we are on a canal boat cruise in France, tasting the French wines.

We have toured most of the Australian wine producing areas together. Bill has just had a triple bypass operation. He is home now and recovering well. Good news!

My prolapsed disc and Bill's heart arrhythmia are nothing to complain about, when others are much worse off. I wish them all the best and hope the rest of their lives can be lived to the best that is possible.
I am happy that we all had many "Adventures before ..................."

On this depressing note I'll say goodnight and promise to bring a happy post next.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last Sunday we were invited to our friends', Golden Wedding Anniversary. Bill and Ruvé are a lovely couple, Bill came from Ireland many years ago and Ruvé comes from Sydney.

We had a nice afternoon tea on their huge back patio overlooking their natural pool and wonderful acre of forest garden. They have many hobbies. Bill sings in a choir and loves his Irish songs. Here he serenades his wife of 50 years. Their five children were among the guests.

We both forgot our camera's and had to use our phones.

Both well into their seventies, they have done a lot of adventure tours and trekking. A few months ago they were trekking in Nepal. Ruvé climbed to the first base of Mt Everest. A few years ago she climbed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Poor Bill has had operations on his feet over the past year and this has slowed him down a little.
Blogging friend, Titania from ''Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in my Garden"also celebrated her 50th Wedding Anniversary this week. What an inspiration these two couples are!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


In 1851 the people of Moreton Bay settlement wanted to separate from the colony of New South Wales and become a self-governing colony. Queen Victoria approved and signed the papers on 6 June 1859.
Queensland was named after Queen Victoria.

Our flag has the Union Jack, the Maltese Cross with a crown.

The capital city is Brisbane.

Our Coat of Arms

Our economy is sustained by Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources

Our animal emblem is the Koala.

Our average min. temperature is 14C/57F
Our average max. temperature is 26C/79F

                                                Our Flora emblem is The Cooktown Orchid.

The area of our state is 1,852,642 sq.k./ 715,309sq.m.

                                                                   Our bird emblem is the Brolga 

Our aquatic emblem is a Anemone fish (Is that Nemo?)

Our gem is the Sapphire

Our team colour is Maroon
(all the above photos are from the net)

Our population is 4 million.
Our nickname is "The Sunshine State"


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Di, in the pink, is telling us about when she visited the "Bottle Shop" today and she was asked where she was going tonight. She answered, "To Playgroup." Obviously she was given look of astonishment and it happens to all of us. This is because we are all oldies and are unlikely to be attending 'Playgroup' unless with grandchildren. However, we used to take our children to 'Springwood Playgroup' over 30 years ago. Twice a year we have a dinner together to maintain our friendship.

Sometimes we go to a restaurant and sometimes to one of our houses. Tonight Ann was the hostess and with a couple of helpers she put on a great spread. Instead of paying for dinner, we bring a plate and donate money to a cause or charity.

We played games, dressed up in silly hats. We shared photos and stories of children, grandchildren and holidays. We discussed the pros and cons of retirement and ageing. 

Last night we raised money for "Righteous Pups Australia" (Assistant Dogs for Autistic Children). Ann, (above) is explaining how specially trained dogs can help children with autism and each dog costs $29,000 to rear and train. Ann has two grandchildren with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, one is more severe than the other. She is helping her daughter to raise the money for a dog. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Belated Birthday

Yesterday it was our eldest daughter, Carol-Ann's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
She lived in England for many years and loved hiking with her husband, David.

She loved visiting Australia and......

her family. She calls herself, "My father's daughter." as she has many similar traits and habits as he.

She is a happy person.....

but was sad to leave London.

I was overjoyed to have her back in Australia.

Now she is happy to be an Aunty but not sure about being a mother.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Bernie, our daughter's partner, is on the front page of a national television programme magazine. His role, as Hugo, in the soap, "Home and Away" is entering a climax in the story line so it's 'big news' in the soap world. We are proud to see him on the cover. Inside the front page there is also an article about Bernie and Sonya becoming parents.

Home and Away article.

Bernie and Sonya article.

(Wow, we are celebrity parents)