William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coastal Clifftop Walkway

When we stayed with Carol and David on the weekend at Vaucluse, Sydney, they were keen to take us on the clifftop walk to Watson's Bay in Sydney Harbour. The harbour's real name is Port Jackson but most people know it as Sydney Harbour.
So we set off about 11:00am and followed the path along the cliff tops facing the Pacific Ocean. It took a long time because we kept stopping to take photos of the terrific scenery. 

Above we are looking back from where we came in the south.

We passed the Maquarie Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built in Australia. I had to capture it through a chain wire fence hence the angle. 

Out at sea there was a tall ship, it reminded us of how it must have looked when Captain Arthur Phillip  sailed into the harbour in 1788 to start the first settlement.

We walked further north and came to the heads. We are on South head looking at North Head.

We followed the path around South Head into the harbour. We could see the suburb of Manly across the other side. 

Then we could see down the harbour.....

towards the city and the bridge. It is a breathtaking view. Next Saturday, Jessica Watson our 16 year old sailor will sail in here after sailing solo, non stop around the world. The harbour will be full of well wishers, it will be a big celebration for the youngest sailor ever to do this.

We strolled down from the cliff tops to Watson's Bay, the first bay in the harbour.

We had a cool drink there before heading back.

One last look down the harbour to the city, then we climbed back up to the cliff top walk. 

After the long walk we were happy to see the apartment block where Carol and David live, in the middle level behind the tree.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Back in October 1968, I was sharing a house with my girlfriend, Kerrie, in Port Moresby, P/NG. Often Kerrie tried match making me with boys she met but I never liked any of them. One evening she came home and told me she had met a boy I would really like, he was a friend of her boyfriend. However, he had been sent to another part of New Guinea to do a job and will be back next month. Kerrie's boyfriend, Willy, also thought I would like his friend, Bill. Willy was sent to work on the same job as Bill and told him he had met a girl, who he would like. So Bill and I knew about each other before we met. We were both very nervous at the party where we knew we would meet for the first time.  Six months later we were married on the 10th May 1969.

41 years later we are still in love and celebrated our anniversary at Bondi Iceberg's Club for lunch.


We stayed with Carol and David on the weekend. They live at Vaucluse, Sydney only 10 min. drive from Sonya and Bernie at Bondi Beach. 

On Mothers' Day I woke up and looked out of the window at the sunrise over the ocean.

The locals walk their dogs along the coastal walk which passes in front of the apartment. She is drinking in the magical view of the ocean

The young ones took me for a picnic in the parkland grounds of Vaucluse House. It was wonderful to be with both my girls and SILs on this special day.

Vaucluse House is a 19th century, Gothic revival style historic house, kitchen wing, stables and out buildings set in 28 acres of formal gardens and parkland. It is a museum and venue for special events. There is also a restaurant where the girls wanted to take me but it was fully booked so they decided on a picnic in the grounds.

We had loads of fun and....

 a gourmet salad roll for lunch.....

..followed by games and nonsense.

We all agreed that it was a much better idea than a stuffy, expensive restaurant lunch.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walking While Waiting

So here we are at Bondi Beach staying with Daughter No. 2 and waiting for the birth of her baby.
While she and Grandpop-to-be were watching a DVD I grabbed my camera and went for a short walk.

Bondi (bond-eye) Beach is a famous eastern suburb beach in Sydney.

It is lovely walking along the beach in Autumn

The young ones still enjoy surfing.

It is relaxing watching them.

Walking along the street to 'home' I came upon this lovely tree.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Waiting Game

Our small family all impatiently waiting for Sonya to give birth.
It is so wonderful to have our daughters and their men altogether again after being spread around the world on and off over the past ten years. Sonya and Bernie on the left and Carol and David on the right.
Carol and David only live about a ten minute drive from Sonya and Bernie and we are only a few hours away by plane. Last night Carol and David dropped in after work and Bernie made us Burritos. Bill and I enjoyed this as we don't have it at home but now Bill has seen how its done hopefully he'll add it to his repertoire of meals he makes. Sonya is drinking Cranberry juice (not wine).

She is always hungry and eats well.

Bernie is always calm even though extremely excited and impatient too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Times Change

Thirty to fifty years ago when I was pregnant, there was no way women would flaunt their pregnancy and be proud of it. We covered up in tent like dresses hoping to hide our big bellies and society at the time made us feel ugly. Today the modern young women are proud and happy to show everyone that they are carrying a child. Somehow I think this is a much better attitude than my generation. What do you think? My daughter will be giving birth soon, she has been very proud of her baby bump but is ready part with it to become comfortable again and carry her child like the lady in the background.

Bronte Beach Sydney

Bernie (dad to be ) took these photos with his iphone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


We are off to Sydney tomorrow for three weeks so I ambled around the garden and hoped that all the rain we had over the last few months will be enough to keep the garden alive while we are away. We used to have a computerised watering system which was great for when we went away. However they were banned by the council when we had a drought and the ban remains. Anyway the underground hoses have been damaged from having the tank installed. So dear garden I hope you survive. I'm not good at names but I'll have a guess. Feel free to correct me.



Honey Gem Grevillea

A variety of Bromeliads follow. 

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