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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


After watching a doco on dinosaur fossil finds in Winton, I have always wanted to visit the sites and museums there. So last month we did. After touring around the towns of Longreach and Winton we were finally on our way to the dinosaur laboratory. Unfortunately, I didn't feel 100%, (due to dehydration-not drinking enough water in the hot dry climate even though it was winter) so I didn't take many photos.
 The Age of Australian Dinosaurs Museum is a not for profit organisation and they get little help from governments so they divised a way to get labour. Many would be archaeologists love to go on a dig or help clean the fossils and put the massive jigsaw of bones together. So the Museum offered the public the opportunity to do this but they have to pay to be trained and then to work there. This way they get the work done without hiring labour and make money to keep the museum going. This volunteer is cleaning some bones found in a previous dig. When the bones are first found they are wrapped in foil and then plaster of paris to preserve them. Their place of find and date is written on the plaster. Then when volunteers come to the lab they open up the parcels and get to work.
 Then we were driven to another part of the museum located on top of a mesa (called a 'jump up' in Queensland). A Dinosaur Canyon and outdoor galleries have been created to replicate the 'Age of the Australian Dinosaurs'.
 As we walked through the canyon on a walkway we could see replicas of bones and dinosaurs.
 Many of the dinosaurs that lived in this area were small ones not much bigger than chickens. But bigger ones chased them and ate them.
 The replicas were so life like and I felt like I had been transported back 95 million years and was watching this spectacle.

 The bigger ones on the rampage.
 The museum people are planting prehistoric cycad plants in the canyon to make it even more realistic.

 Then we went inside a lovely building where the bones of some dinosaurs have been put together. Guides gave us an informative talk after which we went outside on the deck overlooking the amazing outback scenery and sunset while we were served dinner.