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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well the time has come. After 23 years the house is starting to look weary. The deck needs renovating, the blinds need replacing, the garage and laundry need attention and the whole place needs painting. $$$$$$$$$. There goes how many vacations. I'm pulled two ways. I love travelling but I love to have a nice house. At seventy, how many more years will we live here???? Is it worth spending on renovations? Soon we'll be too old to travel. Shouldn't we go now? That is my dilemma. Somehow, I succumbed to start on renovations.
 Every few years the deck needs oiling. The last time we did it ourselves and managed to botch the job. In no time the surface bubbled and flaked off  but did we care ? No, off we went on vacations around Australia and overseas. Tut tut. So the deck became so badly damaged  that we had to get professionals in to try to bring it back to life.
Leo had to painstakingly knock all the nail heads down so that the sanding and finishing will be successful.

 Syd sands the deck and carts away bags of sawdust but leaves a fine deposit on all the windows and   walls for me to clean off later.

It is quite a big deck when one has to clean it, paint it, or fix it but it has served well for many parties and BBQ's as well as all meals out here in summer. We had to move all the outside furniture and pot plants into the house. That cramped our style for a few days. Our huge, heavy, timber table and 8 chairs were lowered over the side of the deck to the concrete downstairs. Poor little Syd nearly went flying over the edge with it. Besides this dining area the deck sweeps around ........

 to the front of the house. When I turn around 180* ........

 you can see the deck continues around the other.......

 side of the house. But wait.....that is not all.....

 At the back entrance we have a bridge type deck. The decks were starting to look good after they were sanded twice. 

 Then 3 coats of decking finish was applied.

So now it is finished and I don't want the huge, heavy, timber, table back up here so I gave it to the neighbours and I hope to buy a smaller, light weight one.

We have a street at the back as well as at the front. Yes, we have two addresses if we want but one lot of bills is enough so we only use the front address. Only being silly here. So Leo put the final strokes on and then retreated to his van holding in his pocket some of our vacation money.