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Friday, November 9, 2018


On the way home from Grafton we pulled into Yamba, a pretty little seaside town where the Clarence River empties into the sea. It has been popular with fishermen and campers for years. Our convoy of cars all met up at the lighthouse, where the views were stunning.
 This is one of the many beaches and to the left you can see the river sea walls.

Over the other side of the peninsula is the river and more beaches. It is a lovely area not spoilt with high rise commercialism.

After a kiss under the lighthouse we all walked down to the hotel, which is perched on top of the hill overlooking a beach. We had a yummy lunch there with a beautiful view but the boys were on their phones. Michael the tour leader was checking out where we go next and Bill was sending photos to our girls while we waited for our lunch.

 The view from our table in the hotel.

 After lunch we all drove down the hill to the rocky outcrop near the river mouth. It is an area for surf ski riders.

They could ski to this little beach.

 Then come back to catch the next waves.

 They were having lots of fun.
Next stop Ballina.