Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Monday, July 21, 2014


I dropped my 'Fossil' watch on the bathroom floor and broke two links of the ceramic band. Because I bought the watch in USA, Fossil didn't have any matching bands here and they had to get one from the States. I got a call saying the band had arrived. We caught the train into town and found the FOSSIL shop in Queen's Plaza.
Queen's Plaza has an entrance on Queen St Mall. After we picked up the watchband we went for a coffee in the Mall.

We sat outside and I couldn't help thinking about the difference in temperature compared to Adelaide a few weeks ago.

After coffee we strolled through the Mall. We saw an Arcade similar to the one in Adelaide.

I noticed a lot of people in shorts, summer dresses and sandals. I assumed that they must be tourists from the northern hemisphere or our southern states and they think our winter is very warm. 

However, the locals like me were dressed in pants and jumpers(sweaters) and soaking up the sun. Still warmer than down south.

We came across this statue artist. I couldn't believe he was pretending to sit with only one leg on the ground and he was motionless. The boy in T-shirt and shorts in winter is also amazed.

I loved the splash of colour the balloon man gave to the Mall.

We walked over the bridge to South Brisbane Station, which is a lovely old preserved building.

Soon we were on a train returning home after a sunny winter's day in Brisbane. I'm glad that I don't live in a place with freezing temperatures. We find the 'Park and Ride' system is really good for trips to town. Senior rates and no parking worries or expense. Sometimes we use the train and sometimes the busway. (see an old post)