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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I was excited when I saw "Gardens by the Bay" and the "Supertree light show" on our itinerary for the village Singapore trip because it had been on my bucket list. In the afternoon of the first day we found ourselves there. We stayed for dinner and the light show. It was gob smacking beautiful.
The Gardens by the Bay are housed in two huge glass domes surrounded by parkland, which also incorporates the Supertree Grove. Huge steel structures similar to trees are adorned with hanging gardens and millions of lights.
 The villagers (and some family members) were split into two groups. Our leader, Chiou See is front row left. Can you find me and Bill?

 First we walked under the supertrees, they were huge.

At the base of the trees were beautiful gardens which also creep up the tree structures. (at left)

 We went into the 'Flower Dome" first. It is huge inside and is divided into gardens from different countries. This is overlooking the cherry blossoms in the Japanese Garden.

European garden

Desert lands

Then we walked to the "Cloud Forest Dome". The temperature in these domes is quite cool compared to the heat outside. The Cloud Forest Dome houses the tallest man made waterfall in the world.

This was an amazing structure. You go up six floors in a lift and the walk down a spiral walkway which goes inside and outside the structure which is clothed in the most beautiful gardens, and sculptures.

people coming down the walkway.

Inside was made to look like caves.

Then it was dinner in one of the many restaurants. After that we watched a 15 minute light show to music.

You can take a lift up yo a walkway which goes from tree to tree. You can see it in the background above the wheel. here is a short video of part of the show.