William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

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Friday, October 6, 2017


Continuing My Story

Our second winter since leaving PNG was nearly over, we were getting used to colder weather.
 14 months

  Carol enjoyed playing outside in the sun. She liked riding her horse down the driveway and carrying it back up.

 Bill wasn’t happy with the septic tank drain that the builder had installed. Bill’s mate Ben, borrowed a backhoe from his boss. Then the two boys lengthened the drain. Bill enjoyed operating the machine. 

 Our German shepherd dog, Richard von Wagner-Ricky, was a lovely but silly dog. He was very protective of Carol but he loved chasing thrown stones and bringing them back.

15 months

Friday, September 29, 2017


Continuing "My Story"

We moved into our first house in Springwood Rd in 1971. There was a deep drain running down the side of the road which we couldn't cross in the car outside our house. There was no culvert or driveway. We had to cross further down the road and drive up the footpath to reach our house. In 1973 the council built a culvert and driveway across the big drain.  
The culvert with a maker post is just in the left hand corner of the photo. Then we had an almost proper access to the house.

This is the same road taken from the same spot in 2015. A four lane road with a nature strip in the middle.

 We had a garage built on the end of the house but Bill used it as his shed. So he decided to add a carport onto the house.

 I tried to establish a garden around the house but we left most of the acre in natural bushland. We had our first baby too. She was just over six months and sat in a little swing while mummy and daddy worked and our dog Ricky just wanted to play.

 The carport and little garden was finished. Bill was making two concrete strips as a driveway.

Carol-Ann 9 months and 10 months

At 11 months she took her first steps. She was our pride and joy