William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


During the school holidays, Sonya and the boys flew from cold Melbourne and we spent a week on the Gold Coast in an apartment at Burleigh Heads Beach. 
 Sonya loved the apartment and the view of the beautiful beach across the road.

 We unpacked and took the boys for a walk along the boardwalk and onto the beach. It was getting late and a bit cooler.

 The next day they were keen to play on the beach.

 Banjo even went into the water.

 I enjoyed watching the clouds

 and takng arty farty shots but its not easy getting up again at my age.

The Melbourne family enjoying the Queensland sun.

 One day we went to the river. After that I returned home but Sonya had a voucher for a free night at the Star Casino Hotel, so I dropped her there before going home. That morning she had a call from husband, Bernie, saying that he was back from USA and he would fly to Brisbane to spend the weekend with his family. Bernie had been given the voucher together with many other rewards because the TV series he stars in (Wentworth) won 3 Logi awards.
Needless to say, Sonya and the boys were very happy to see him. A few days later they flew back to cold Melbourne.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


A few weeks ago Sonya and the boys came to Brisbane to visit us and to warm up, as the weather has been very cold in Melbourne. Bernie was in USA for a few days. They stayed with us for the weekend and then we went to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast for four days.

 Fox played ball with Grandaddy and the neighbour Trevor.

 While Banjo preferred to pick flowers for his mummy.

 Then they wanted to visit the zen garden. Fox is planning a game. Fox is 8 and Banjo 6.

 Later we walked into the forest next to the village and while Fox played football in the picnic area with his mum, I took Banjo into the Koala Centre. A place to learn about Koalas. They only keep Koalas there that need medical attention or joeys who have lost their mother (road kill or dogs)

 Banjo enjoyed being a vet for a while.

He tendered to the (toy) koala's injuries. They have lots of toy koalas for lots of children but there were not many there on this day even though it was school holidays.

Not long after he was off to the next activity. He was hard to keep up with. Its so nice to have them visit.