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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well that sad time has come when my youngest daughter, Sonya and her family are winging their way back to Los Angeles as I write this. She was so worried that the babies will be unsettled on the 15 hour flight from Melbourne to LA. I hope they are good for her.
Bernie, her husband has just finished ten weeks filming for Channel Seven's Beauty and the Geek, Australia. He is the host. Now they are going back to their home in LA where Bernie is trying to break into the American movie scene like many of his actor friends have. So far it has been hard for them. He has been doing many auditions and he has won a few small jobs but they are still hoping for the big one to come along.
While they were in Sydney we visited them for a few weeks and skyped often. At the end of Bernie's contract they went to Melbourne to spend a week with his family and today they sent a text from the airport saying bye bye. It brings tears to my eyes but they have to do what they want to do and we wish them the best of luck. If you want to see any of Bernie's acting work you can click here.

I will miss this gorgeous face

And this cute smile.

It was fun playing playdough with you.

It was fun taking you to the beach.

Granddaddy will miss his boys.

Aunty Carol will miss her adorable nephews.

We will miss our little family and only grand children but we wish them good luck and happiness in West Hollywood. California, USA.