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Sunday, April 8, 2018


On our second day in Singapore we were taken to the Zoo where we had breakfast with the orang-utans It was so much fun being so close to these beautiful creatures. They came with their babies and the keepers gave them breakfast while we had our photos taken. We had our breakfast at the adjoining cafe.

 I loved the way they cared for their babies just like we do.

 Our village CEO and manager who looked after us on this week long tour of Singapore and Malacca. 
 After breakfast they swung off into the jungle of the zoo and we did a walking tour.

 White Rhino

 The zebras wouldn't pose for me so I took their patterns instead

 We all took turns at calling the Meer cats Allen or Steve (from the funny BBC you tube skit)

 Loved its headdress

 There was an elephant show. (not sure about the ethics of this)

The rare white tiger wasn't interested in getting its photo taken.