Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Every winter good friends of ours, Ann and George, rent an apartment for a month at Rainbow Bay. While there they organise a staff reunion of the 90's era of Kuraby School. So we drove down to Rainbow Bay at the southern end of the Gold Coast. It takes about an hour. 
 It was a beautiful winter's day with the sun shining. The view looking south from the 14th floor was magic.

 Looking straight out across the bay we could see Surfer's Paradise in the far distance. I used a telephoto lens to bring it closer.

 Looking left around the bay was beautiful too.

We ate, drank, talked and relaxed all day with our old friends from working days. That night TOH and I were invited to stay overnight.

 In the morning the sea was calm and very clear and there were people swimming ....brrrrr too cold for me.

We came down from our tower and our friends, Ann and George took us for a walk around the rocks. It was quite warm. We didn't need sweaters.

 We returned to the apartment for lunch and some exciting whale watching. 

These paddle board riders were in for some fun. They spotted the whales and paddled towards them.

 They were a long way off and my zoom wasn't powerful enough but hopefully you can see the back of the whale poking out and the dark shadow underneath.

The whales turned around and swam back towards the paddle boarders, who flopped down onto their boards , put their legs up and paddled like mad. There is a boat behind the whales and the board rider is to the left  sorry he is just a dot.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Friends asked us to spend a few days with them in their rented holiday apartment at Rainbow Bay, which is a beach at the southern end of the Gold Coast near the border of NSW.
We had a great view from the 14th floor, looking north towards Surfer's Paradise.

It was cold and windy, as a winter's day returned to interrupt our Spring. The wind flattened the surf and the surfers are forever sitting and waiting for a good wave.

They were having fun so we went down......

...to get a closer look.

This area is called Snapper Rocks and the dare devil surfers jump off the rocks and paddle out to behind the rollers. These fellows are trying to pluck up the courage.

Some more come to give support. (C'mon jump I want a photo!)

They are taking a long time to decide..

..in the end they think better of it...maybe next time.