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Saturday, March 10, 2018


Continuing My Story
After Christmas in 1974 I took the girls to Sydney for a short holiday to see my parents and for them to see their grand daughters. Bill had to go to work. Carol fell asleep on the plane and Sonya cried because she had pain in her ears. It was fun trying to carry both of them out of the plane with a bag, and down stairs in those days. Finally, I got the attention of a flight attendant to help me. Grandma and Granddad took us to a park to feed the ducks.

Carol-Ann feeding the ducks.

What on earth am I wearing??? This activity probably led to my back problems now.

In grandma's garden
Grandma and Sonya
Aunt Ada and Mum enjoy the little ones.

I loved my babies.

It was hard trying to get the colour back into these 43 year old photos. Saying goodbye to Grandma and Granddad before flying back to Brisbane.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Continuing My Story

The northern Australian city of Darwin was devastated early on Christmas morning 1974 when hit by the tropical weather depression that was given the name Cyclone Tracy. As the eye of the cyclone passed over the city between midnight and 7am on Christmas morning, torrential rain fell and the winds were officially recorded at 217 kilometres per hour prior to the Bureau of Meteorology anemometer being destroyed. Houses and other buildings disintegrated under the onslaught, accompanied by the sounds of flying debris and breaking glass. Records have identified 66 names of individuals who perished as a result of the cyclone (53 on land and 13 at sea), and many more were injured. Seventy per cent of Darwin’s homes were destroyed or suffered severe damage, and all public services – communications, power, water and sewerage – were severed.
When news finally arrived in the southern cities, many organisations swung into action to help the people of Darwin.   Our local Lions Club, of which Bill was the President, immediately started raising funds by members  standing at red lights on the highway with buckets for drivers to throw in their donations. They raised thousands of dollars and their actions were recorded in the newspaper.
Bill is at the right back.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Continuing My Story:

In December 1974, we had been in our new house for 6 months and Sonya, baby number 2, was born. Carol was two and a half and old enough to really enjoy Christmas. Naturally it gave us much joy to watch her.
Bill made Carol a dolls house, she was happy with that.

 Introduction to music making. She enjoyed trains (no gender bias)

 She was wearing a pretty dress which her grandma had made by hand. She also had a lovely Swiss dress sent by her Grossmuti.

 She enjoyed the little pool she got for Christmas.

Then we had a little concert.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


My Story continued

In September 1974 our cute little Sonya was born. My mother and Aunt flew from Sydney to help juggle a new born and a toddler. It was most appreciated.

Carol-Ann the big sister at two years and three months.

 I remember it was a very hot summer. Sonya at three months loved watching Carol play.

Sisterly love. The bonding has lasted 44 years so far.
Sonya on the left and Carol on the right.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Continuing 'My Story'

In June 1974 we sold our house and acre block of land in Springwood Road and bought a new home at 27 Wenlock Crescent, Springwood. We didn't move very far and we only planned to stay there a short time and sell at a profit and then buy our dream home. Unfortunately, for us the bottom fell out of the housing market and we ended up staying for 15 years. It was a nice comfortable little house.  
 We moved into a ready built new house in Wenlock Crescent. We needed to establish a garden, again.

In July we visited the Lion Park in Beenleigh.

Carol was a bit wary of feeding the deer but eventually plucked up the courage, but when it had finished eating she walked away and the deer chased her for more. She didn't like being chased by the deer. I mustn't have taken any photos of the lions.

 Our new house had a back yard where Carol could play without me worrying that she could wander off like on the acre from where we had moved.

A friend helped us build a concrete block fence. Carol-Ann had turned two and I was eight months pregnant with our second baby,we didn't know the sex before they were born in those days. 


Continuing My Story

We celebrated Christmas with our friends Joan, Norm, Cheryl and Craig. They had just returned from PNG to live in Australia. We couldn't believe that we had bought land in the same street without even knowing.

Bill made Carol a wagon full of blocks. She enjoyed knocking down the towers that Craig built.

 After lunch we relaxed in our old, tatty, hand-me-down lounge. We were struggling on one wage in those days.

Carol got a watering can for Christmas so she could help me in the garden. I had built a rockery retaining wall from rocks found on our land or from neighbouring empty blocks.

18 months

Boxing Day picnic at Alma Park

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Continuing My Story
On weekends we spent a lot of time developing a garden on our acre of property.
The plants over the septic tank grew the best.

During the week I would try to find time to do more in the garden. Sometimes I had a bunch of little helpers when Andy and Tony from next door came to play.

My number one helper was Carol.

She was a happy 18 month old.

She called a dog a 'Wow Wow.'

Some weekends we would go to Main Beach on the Gold Coast. The cold water took her breath away.

Friday, October 6, 2017


Continuing My Story

Our second winter since leaving PNG was nearly over, we were getting used to colder weather.
 14 months

  Carol enjoyed playing outside in the sun. She liked riding her horse down the driveway and carrying it back up.

 Bill wasn’t happy with the septic tank drain that the builder had installed. Bill’s mate Ben, borrowed a backhoe from his boss. Then the two boys lengthened the drain. Bill enjoyed operating the machine. 

 Our German shepherd dog, Richard von Wagner-Ricky, was a lovely but silly dog. He was very protective of Carol but he loved chasing thrown stones and bringing them back.

15 months