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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


One evening in Malacca we walked from our hotel to Jonker Walk, the main street in Chinatown. The shops used to be antique shops but now they are mostly clothing and souvenir shops. However, on the weekends it turns into a bustling night market. It was jammed packed with people. I'm not a fan of crowds but this was a great experience.

 There was every kind and colour of food that you can imagine. Dumplings. 

 Drilling a hole into a watermelon and mushing up the inside and then insert a straw.

We stopped for dinner at the Geographer Cafe. Set in a traditional, pre-war Malaccan shop-house in Chinatown, the beautifully preserved building is a historical artefact.(photo from the net)

 After dinner, losing our sense of direction, we jostled up and down the street to find Dutch Square and a rick shaw for a ride home to the hotel.
 The rickshaws were brightly decorated with dazzling, flashing lights and loud music.

 It was fun but scary when we got onto the main road.

 We chose a Pokemon decorated one. Thought my little grandsons would have loved a ride in this.

He dropped us safe and sound at the hotel.