William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


We have just returned from a three day road trip to Grafton and environs. Grafton is famous for its Jacaranda Tree lined streets. It is about a three hour drive from Brisbane south into New South Wales. This time we took the back road through the mountains. Unfortunately it was raining on and off but it was still pretty country and the rain turned the hills green.

We stopped at the Border Ranges National Park Lookout

We stopped in the old country town of Kyogle for coffee.
They still have an Art Deco building.

Arriving in Grafton

It doesn't matter where you look, up or down it is so beautiful.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It is Jacaranda time in Brisbane. It has come early this year due to the very warm winter that we had. The Jacaranda Tree originally from South America, now flourishes here in Australia. Yesterday we drove to New Farm Park to photograph these beautiful purple trees. New Farm Park is in the inner city suburb of New Farm. In convict settlement days the park used to be a farm. In 1846 it was a race course but in 1913 the council acquired the land and made it a park. There were cricket nets, football fields, tennis courts and picnic areas. Today it is mostly used as a picnic area and there is a big children playground as well as a Kiosk, Coffee shop, The Power House Theatre and Watt Restaurant. The Brisbane River runs along the edge of the park and there is a City Cat boat terminal. The park was crowded even on a week day.
We drove around the ring road looking for a parking spot.

 Many of the old Jacaranda trees had to be removed as they were becoming dangerous. So new ones have been planted.

We found a park and set off for the coffee shop...........compulsory for my man. I like to see the city peeping through the trees.

 The new and the old trees. Fortified with coffee, Bill enjoyed walking, photographing and trying to learn more about his camera.

Besides the Jacaranda trees there are many garden beds in the park. The rose garden is especially pretty.

 After a few hours and hundreds of photos we found our little red car and drove home.

On the way home there were many Jacarandas lining the city streets.