Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


After a few days road trip to Grafton and Ballina in northern NSW, we made our way home slowly through the back roads. We stopped at Killen Falls Nature Reserve and walked down to the river to see the waterfall.

The path led to a platform over the river but we couldn't get down to the bottom for better photos.

 We drove on through the Northern Rivers Hinterland and came to a lookout where we could see to the ocean.

 We found the yuppy village of Bangalow and had a coffee. Then we drove on down to the coast and stopped at Kingscliff Beach for lunch. It is just south of the border of Queensland.

 The boys.

So we packed a lot into our two day road trip and it was nice to be home again. However, I wouldn't mind staying for a week at one of these beaches.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


On our way home from our trip to Grafton we drove up the coast road stopping at Yamba for lunch and Ballina for an overnight stay. Ballina is another beautiful beach town that the tourists are starting to find. It is also a big fishing port and the town is famous for its prawns. As you drive into the town you are met by "The Big Prawn". One of our Travel Group members grew up in Ballina and so he took over the sight seeing program.

 Our friend took us to a lookout where we could see Lighthouse Beach to the south and the rock sea walls for the mouth of the Clarence River. That is where we went next.

Looking north  was a beautiful view of Shelly Beach. Unfortunately there has been a few shark attacks at this beach recently. (Not good for tourism)

 We walked out to the end of the north wall. It was a popular place for walkers and cyclists. We watched some dolphins playing in the waves but I couldn't capture any with my camera.

But this fellow kindly stood still drying his wings.

 Then I had fun trying to capture the rainbows in the spray from the strong breeze.

I was surprised to see a board rider so far out at Shelly Beach. Luckily he wasn't dinner for a shark.

Friday, November 9, 2018


On the way home from Grafton we pulled into Yamba, a pretty little seaside town where the Clarence River empties into the sea. It has been popular with fishermen and campers for years. Our convoy of cars all met up at the lighthouse, where the views were stunning.
 This is one of the many beaches and to the left you can see the river sea walls.

Over the other side of the peninsula is the river and more beaches. It is a lovely area not spoilt with high rise commercialism.

After a kiss under the lighthouse we all walked down to the hotel, which is perched on top of the hill overlooking a beach. We had a yummy lunch there with a beautiful view but the boys were on their phones. Michael the tour leader was checking out where we go next and Bill was sending photos to our girls while we waited for our lunch.

 The view from our table in the hotel.

 After lunch we all drove down the hill to the rocky outcrop near the river mouth. It is an area for surf ski riders.

They could ski to this little beach.

 Then come back to catch the next waves.

 They were having lots of fun.
Next stop Ballina.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


When we visited Grafton to see the Jacaranda Trees, we also checked out the town

We tried to find a spot where we could see the iconic double decker bridge and the construction of a new one. Cars on top and trains underneath but it is too narrow to cater for increased traffic and the size of the trucks.
 In town our tour leader discusses the next place to visit. We were in a car convoy and it was difficult trying to follow the leader in town traffic.

 The city centre marked by a clock tower is quite common in country towns. The church was surrounded by purple trees and the swans wore Jacaranda leis.

Photo by Bill

 Three old men and the middle one is mine.

 I love the old country hotel architecture but it isn't a hotel any more but shops.

After a day of travelling from Brisbane to Grafton and sight seeing, we were ready for a rest and dinner. We found a hotel overlooking the mighty Clarence River.
Tomorrow we travel back north stopping at Yamba for lunch.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


We belong to U3A (University of the Third Age) an organisation that offers activities for seniors. We belong to quite a few groups: History, Photography, Videography and Travel. Last week we went with the Travel Group to Grafton and Ballina stopping at other places on the way.

 Turf Street Grafton is the most beautiful Street in Grafton but its not the only one. There are many many streets lined with Jacaranda trees.

See Park Grafton

We also visited another famous street in Grafton nick named Fig tree Avenue because of the huge fig trees creating a canopy over the road.
Unfortunately it was garbage bin day and I had to crop them from the foreground, which didn't leave much road.
 The aerial roots hang like a curtain from the branches.

The trunks are massive.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


We have just returned from a three day road trip to Grafton and environs. Grafton is famous for its Jacaranda Tree lined streets. It is about a three hour drive from Brisbane south into New South Wales. This time we took the back road through the mountains. Unfortunately it was raining on and off but it was still pretty country and the rain turned the hills green.

We stopped at the Border Ranges National Park Lookout

We stopped in the old country town of Kyogle for coffee.
They still have an Art Deco building.

Arriving in Grafton

It doesn't matter where you look, up or down it is so beautiful.