Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017


How time flies when you get old. I thought it was only a week ago when I posted but now I see that it was over three weeks. Dang!
Last weekend, daughter Sonya and her boys, flew from Melbourne to visit for a few days and to warm up in Queensland sunshine.

 The boys had a turn at flying the jet.

 The Melbourne family found it quite warm up here in Brisbane. They enjoyed some time in the spa.


 The next day we went on the ferry to Coochiemudlo Island for a picnic and play on the beach.

It was a lovely sunny winter's day

 Fox constructing a canal.

 The next day it was a picnic in the forest in walking distance from the village. Banjo spies a wallaby.

 Granddaddy bonds with the boys.

In the afternoon Sonya and her friend, Kelly relax in our Zen Garden, while the children went rock hopping.

Fox crossing a bridge.

 On the last morning I took the boys to the local skate park and playground.

Fox found a place for me to rest and he took a photo of me. Then it was off to the airport and back home to cold Melbourne for Sonya and the boys. It was a fun weekend and so good to see Sonya relax a little.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


If you read my last two posts you would know that we are selling our house and moving into a retirement village. This wasn't a simple decision but took weeks of deliberating. It looks like we have a buyer and we will be moving at the end of March. This is where we are going: