William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018


Continuing My Story

The northern Australian city of Darwin was devastated early on Christmas morning 1974 when hit by the tropical weather depression that was given the name Cyclone Tracy. As the eye of the cyclone passed over the city between midnight and 7am on Christmas morning, torrential rain fell and the winds were officially recorded at 217 kilometres per hour prior to the Bureau of Meteorology anemometer being destroyed. Houses and other buildings disintegrated under the onslaught, accompanied by the sounds of flying debris and breaking glass. Records have identified 66 names of individuals who perished as a result of the cyclone (53 on land and 13 at sea), and many more were injured. Seventy per cent of Darwin’s homes were destroyed or suffered severe damage, and all public services – communications, power, water and sewerage – were severed.
When news finally arrived in the southern cities, many organisations swung into action to help the people of Darwin.   Our local Lions Club, of which Bill was the President, immediately started raising funds by members  standing at red lights on the highway with buckets for drivers to throw in their donations. They raised thousands of dollars and their actions were recorded in the newspaper.
Bill is at the right back.