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Friday, October 5, 2018


Every year the town of Toowoomba holds 'Carnival of the Flowers' an amazing weeklong festival. Last year we went by train for a day trip but this time we went by car and stayed for two nights in a luxury B&B called "Wanulla". Toowoomba is situated on the Darling downs high up in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Consequently the Toowoomba weather is cooler than in Brisbane on the coast and it is more suited for a big range of flowers and plants. It takes about two hours to drive there winding up the steep ranges.
We booked into our B&B, it looked beautiful inside this historic old house, which has been renovated in keeping with the original style. It is furnished beautifully with antiques. The hosts were friendly, helpful and the hospitality was excellent. They provided afternoon tea, pre dinner drinks and port and chocolates after dinner. The bathroom had top quality supplies and Bill was impressed with the WiFi connection.
Wanulla B&B has a beautiful garden too.

There are cafes in walking distance from the B&B where we had lunch and dinner.

 Beautiful old homes are converted into cafes.

After lunch we walked to Queens Park to see one of the many flower displays in the city of Toowoomba.

A random toddler enjoys the flowers.

Bill among the flowers
There were so many garden beds and displays. I took loads of photos and I will bore you with them over the next few weeks.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Toowoomba is a large country town situated on the crest of the Great Dividing Range about 
700 m/2,300ft above sea level. It is 125km/78m west of Brisbane. It is one of few Queensland towns that experience the four seasons, with autumn leaves and fabulous spring blooms. The towns nick name is "The Garden City"as there are over 150 parks and gardens. Every September they have the week long "The Carnival of Flowers". This year is the first time we have attended the carnival. We only went for a day trip and it was the day after the parade. We booked on a tour run by the historic train company. (see last post). It included a coach tour of the winning private gardens but we were very disappointed that it didn't include the city park gardens, which are by far the best. (It wasn't made clear in the ads). Anyway we still enjoyed the day. Following a just a few of the many shots I took of the gardens.

We were also taken to Picnic Point which has lovely street gardens and a beautiful view over the Lockyer Valley.
We have had a very dry winter. It has been hard for the residents to maintain their gardens.

It only takes 90 mins to get to Brisbane by car but took us much longer in the steam train.