Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016


Our house sits on a corner block and the corner road sweeps around to the back of our house so we have two entrances which is handy because the front has stairs but the back doesn't. It means that we have a front garden, a back garden and a side garden. The back garden slopes down towards the house as we are on a hill. Bill built a bridge to access the door many years ago. We also needed  retaining walls to hold the hill back from washing under the house in storms. One on the left of the bridge and one on the right of the bridge. We had the walls made from logs because I preferred natural materials but after 25 years the logs shrank and the uprights rotted so we needed to replace the walls.
The back entrance.

The wall on the left was bowing and ready to fall.

My trusty gardener, Jeff and his two nephews came to renew the walls. The blocks were delivered.

 The work started. The logs were removed and then sadly some plants had to be removed. However, the spring blooms had finished and the rest are suffering dry summer heat stress. These guys were amazing working in 35°C heat. But the afternoon shade was creeping over them.

Soil had to be removed to make way for the blocks to be embedded in crusher dust next to the concrete walkway. It took two days.

Once the bottom layer is secured the others lock into each other like lego. Looks a bit neater now.

The wall on the right was also falling down.

 Logs removed, dirt dug out and first layer settled. 

 At least the workers had a little shade on this side.

Its going to look great when we have the walkways repainted.
We are impressed with the work done by Jeff from Blue Skies Property Maintenance .