Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015


The weather is cooler and it is time to take TOH out for an airing. TOH enjoys prefers walking in the city rather than in the forest (go figure) anyhoo we did the park and ride thingy on the train. We agreed on a walk along the river from Milton into the CBD of Brisbane, nicknamed 'The River City', obviously because the Brisbane River runs through the heart of the city. After an hour on the trains we finally arrived at Milton. By then it was coffee time.

  Naturally we walked down Park St which is an eat street and found a coffee shop. I thought the wall decoration was something different.

 So, dosed up on caffeine we went on our way towards the river.

 Soon we were on the super bikeway and walkway which follows the river into town. 

 It was an overcast day but the rain held off while we walked. As the river runs through the middle of the city there are many bridges. 

We walked under some of the bridges. This is 'The Go Between Bridge" and the newest of them too. It is named after a famous Brisbane Band. (Our daughter's sister in law played in the band for a while)

 Looking back at the "The Go Between Bridge". It is a toll bridge for vehicles,pedestrians and cyclists. It was opened in 2010.

 The next bridge we walked under was the 'Merivale Bridge'. It is a double track rail bridge. It was opened in 1978. We waited for a train to come and not one but two came one in each direction.

 On we walked, but it wasn't a fitness walk as we were always stopping for photographs. The next bridge we came to is the William Jolly Bridge. It was opened in 1932 and is a heritage-listed vehicular and pedestrian bridge. It looks pretty lit up at night.

 Our City Cat commuter ferries near the next bridge .

 It is the "Kurilpa Bridge" but nicknamed the Fiddlesticks Bridge. It is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge and it was opened in 2009. The unconventional style caused a lot of controversy at first. You can see the wires better in the previous photo. I like it! Our walkway now goes underneath the "Riverside Expressway"opened in 1975.

Under the expressway.

 The last bridge for this walk is the "Victoria Bridge".  It is a vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist bridge. This bridge was opened in 1969 but it is the third bridge built on this site. The first was in 1865. It was a temporary wooden structure but finances failed and the iron one didn't go ahead. The timber one rotted and collapsed. In 1874 an iron bridge was built but in 1893 it was partly washed away by floods. A new one was built in 1897. In 1943 it started buckling under the weight of the trams and increased traffic. In 1969 it was demolished when the present one was opened.

After stopping at the city markets (next post) we walked over the Victoria Bridge to the South Brisbane station for our ride home on the train. This is the expressway we had walked underneath. From the dates mentioned you can see that Brisbane is a fairly new city.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


We had an overnight stay at Scarborough Beach on the Redcliffe Peninsula jutting into Moreton Bay. I found this neat app for photos and maps called Photo Mapo for iPad. There are many different styles from which to choose.

I'm still not happy with blogger these days as my photos are uploading blurry unless I upload them from Picasa.

In the morning before we left Helen, Mary and I went for a walk to the beach. We came across this carving in a tree. There was no information about it but it had Gollum written on the door. I believe Gollum is a fictitional character from the Hobbit and other stories.

Then we walked along the beach.

We found a lot of jelly fish washed up on the shore.

Upside down makes a pattern.

We drove a little further down the coast of the bay to Redcliffe. We walked out onto the pier and saw hundreds of jelly fish.

Later we saw on the TV news that there are thousands of them all along the south east coast of Queensland. It is called a bloom. "Jellyfish bloom formation is a complex process that depends on ocean currents, nutrients, sunshine, temperature, season, prey availability, reduced predation and oxygen concentrations. Ocean currents tend to congregate jellyfish into large swarms or "blooms", consisting of hundreds or thousands of individuals. They are not dangerous but can give a sting." (Wikipedia.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OVER THE BRIDGE City Walk Part 2

After walking through the city, along the river and through the Botanic gardens we came to the "Goodwill Bridge". We crossed over the Brisbane River and stopped for lunch at the Ship Inn Hotel, once a rough place where dock workers and sailors behaved badly. Now it is a historic building spruced up for tourists.
Over the bridge

 From the bridge we can see the CityCat on the right and the baby CityHopper on the left. The CityHopper is free.

 This is the new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, named after Lady Phyllis Cilento, a physician, who championed children's and women's health.

 Then we walked through Southbank Parklands. Firstly we walked along the river and.....
 past the children's wading pools then.....
 past the man made beach where people believe winter is over and .......
 through the arbour to......
  the street leading to ........

the bus station. We are impressed with our bus service to and from the city. They have pak'n ride carparks at bus stations and the bus travels on a purpose built bus lane. There is no other traffic except buses. They run every 15 minutes and take 35 mins to get to town from Loganholme about 30k away. We have a concession 'Go-Card' and it is much cheaper than paying to park in town and easier than finding a park in town.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


We went into the city to visit the Apple Shop to get our iPod fixed. I nagged TOH into going for a walk after our business was done. He didn't complain too much as he enjoys walking in the city rather than in the forest (go figure). Anyhoo we set off from the Queen St Mall down to the river side.

I felt dwarfed by the tall.tall buildings but the architecture was interesting. The city council was so excited to have TOH walking around the city that they rolled out the red carpet for him. He is giving the royal wave. (Actually the city is preparing for the Brisbane Festival, which started today.)

We have two ferry systems now. The CityCats, which are quite big hovercrafts and these little ferries called CityHopper. These little ones are free and you can hop on and hop off all along the river.

We walked along the river edge passed the posh Stamford Hotel towards the City Botanic Gardens. We took a rest and admired the visiting yachts.

Behind us were apartment towers and the iconic Story Bridge. It looks like the council should provide bike stands for those who cycle into town.

We checked out some old buildings. The old Naval Offices dated 1900.

The Port Office, both are now businesses.

Then we entered the gardens. This tree obviously knows Spring is here. The weather was beautiful,  not too hot or too cold.

There are many walkways and cycle paths through the gardens but I spotted an interesting sculpture off the main walkway in a mini rainforest.
 It is called “Jemmy Morrell and the Brolgas” by Lindsay Dean. Jemmy Morrell was a sailor who was shipwrecked on the Great Barrier Reef in the 1840’s. He lived with aborigines for 17 years.
After a few snaps we were back on the path heading towards the Goodwill Bridge and South Bank. (next post) 

Monday, July 21, 2014


I dropped my 'Fossil' watch on the bathroom floor and broke two links of the ceramic band. Because I bought the watch in USA, Fossil didn't have any matching bands here and they had to get one from the States. I got a call saying the band had arrived. We caught the train into town and found the FOSSIL shop in Queen's Plaza.
Queen's Plaza has an entrance on Queen St Mall. After we picked up the watchband we went for a coffee in the Mall.

We sat outside and I couldn't help thinking about the difference in temperature compared to Adelaide a few weeks ago.

After coffee we strolled through the Mall. We saw an Arcade similar to the one in Adelaide.

I noticed a lot of people in shorts, summer dresses and sandals. I assumed that they must be tourists from the northern hemisphere or our southern states and they think our winter is very warm. 

However, the locals like me were dressed in pants and jumpers(sweaters) and soaking up the sun. Still warmer than down south.

We came across this statue artist. I couldn't believe he was pretending to sit with only one leg on the ground and he was motionless. The boy in T-shirt and shorts in winter is also amazed.

I loved the splash of colour the balloon man gave to the Mall.

We walked over the bridge to South Brisbane Station, which is a lovely old preserved building.

Soon we were on a train returning home after a sunny winter's day in Brisbane. I'm glad that I don't live in a place with freezing temperatures. We find the 'Park and Ride' system is really good for trips to town. Senior rates and no parking worries or expense. Sometimes we use the train and sometimes the busway. (see an old post)