Jacaranda Trees line the streets of Grafton, NSW

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


When we visited Grafton to see the Jacaranda Trees, we also checked out the town

We tried to find a spot where we could see the iconic double decker bridge and the construction of a new one. Cars on top and trains underneath but it is too narrow to cater for increased traffic and the size of the trucks.
 In town our tour leader discusses the next place to visit. We were in a car convoy and it was difficult trying to follow the leader in town traffic.

 The city centre marked by a clock tower is quite common in country towns. The church was surrounded by purple trees and the swans wore Jacaranda leis.

Photo by Bill

 Three old men and the middle one is mine.

 I love the old country hotel architecture but it isn't a hotel any more but shops.

After a day of travelling from Brisbane to Grafton and sight seeing, we were ready for a rest and dinner. We found a hotel overlooking the mighty Clarence River.
Tomorrow we travel back north stopping at Yamba for lunch.


  1. Beautiful post Diane. You have such gorgeous jacaranda blossoms in Australia. Your tour reminds me of our tours in Canada to view Fall foliage. Though this happens primarily in Eastern Canada where colour variations are more diverse. I really love old Australian architecture like the old hotel you show. It is really unique to Australia and reminds me of my first travels there in FNQ. The last photos of the sun rays peeking through clouds is exquisite.

  2. I love that old hotel - almost looks like an old Mississippi paddle steamer.

  3. Of the seated trio, yours is the best dressed and best groomed one. Yamba? Never heard of it.

  4. Such a picturesque town!! Lots of room for photos.

  5. I love the country hotel architecture, so glad it is being preserved. The bottom sky shot is fantastic and the 'old man' in the middle does not look too bad either 😉. Take care, t'other Diane

  6. Hello, what a pretty town. The hotel is beautiful, nice view of the river. I like the swans and fountain and the beautiful trees. Great shot of the group! Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  7. we are never to old to enjoy life and I like the 3 old men on a bench. bob and I just discussed age is slowing us down, not stopping us, but moving us slower. we were coming home from shopping for pool supplies and a leaf blower. neither of us care for shopping so it was a chore.... and we came home tired. I love the swans with flowers and that last photo is gorgeous

  8. That last photo is gorgeous. How elegant the swans look.

  9. Now that bridge is a funny one well it is for us - we tried to go over it once but that didn't work..lol
    Nice town.

  10. Shops are disappearing everywhere in the UK but it's good to see the old hotel being retained for a new use.

  11. It looks as if you had quite a group on your trip to Grafton. You must have had several cars in your caravan. Your last photo is stunning.

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