William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Monday, October 1, 2018


 We walk to the end of our street and straight into the forest. Its flat and easy until the next track where we turn left.

We walk to the top of the hill and then turn left past the log pile.

 Its down hill now but be careful of the bikes, its school holidays now.

 Up another hill and turn left and up a small rise.

 Now we are on the home run down hill.

 We pass the fern grove which is drying out from the lack of rain.

 A grass tree flower is trying to bloom and the native bees are humming around it.

The down hill run is getting steeper and LOOK! there is our village peeping through the trees. Look at the time we have been walking for an hour.

 I'm coming into the village from the back, a different way to usual.

 This is the last row of apartments to be finished. The village is complete now but all the homes haven't been sold yet. Anyone want to buy one? They range from $600,000 to $700,000.(AUD) for a 99 year lease.  Click here for more . 


  1. A beautiful forest within walking distance to your house, that's really precious. The retirement village looks pretty and I had a look at some of the houses and they are fabulous but quite expensive. A friend of mine went into one with a 99 year lease recently (in Mandurah, south of Perth) and it cost her around 400,000$.

  2. A lovely walk Diane. How wonderful that its so close to home

  3. A whole new blog change, nice! A walk in de forest I always like very much too. It looks beautiful.

  4. Hello, the forest is a beautiful place for a walk. It is great that it is a walk so close to home. The apartment and village are beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  5. You are so lucky to have that walk right next to you. Enjoy the coming week, t'other Diane

  6. That'a lovely way to start your day.

  7. Walks in the forest are always enjoyable.
    A lovely post, I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  8. What a nice walk. And I don't feel a bit tired!

  9. You have a lovely walking trail, Denise, and thanks for letting us know about the remaining homes. We also have a nice park quite close by our mill apartment building, so we will remain in NH.

  10. I was walking our bush block this afternoon looking for signs of spring but it is struggling in the dry - like your ferns.

  11. Great place for your village.... We would love the location with the woodsy walking area next door and all the other amenities you’ve mentioned before. But it’s just a teensy bit far from home )).

  12. A 99 year lease - that should just about see me out haha! I must admit compared with Melbourne prices they seem quite reasonable for such a beautiful part of the world. I enjoyed this lovely walk - it's the fresh air I miss most in my current Bangkok life!
    Wren x

  13. How fantastic to have this walk almost in your own backyard Diane! Walking for an hour in the morning or evening would be the perfect way to begin or end the day ✨