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Thursday, October 18, 2018


My Story continued:

I have finally found time to get back to renovating old photo albums and scanning our old photos. While  I do this I write posts about past times which I will collate into a book, the third in "My Story " series.

In January 1976 we went to Sydney to visit Grandma, Granddad and Aunty Ada. They took us to the park to feed the ducks. Carol-Ann was three and Sonya one.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


It was our last day in Toowoomba and we couldn't leave without visiting the 'Downs Steam Tourist Railway and Museum'. There were old trains on display and a big shed where the volunteers were renovating old trains. They also have steam train rides but not today. The old station had beautiful gardens like everywhere in Toowoomba. No wonder it is called  'The Garden City'.

 This is the old "Sunlander" train, which used to travel from Brisbane to Cairns. We travelled on it some years ago. See here:
 Our daughter Carol's father in law used to be the pianist on the Sunlander train.

 In the repair shed there was a rail motor that had just been refurbished by volunteers. These are photos of what it was like when they received the burnt out wreck. Below is what it looks like now.

After visiting the museum it was time to find a coffee shop for you know who and then we drove home down the ranges. Everywhere was dry and parched but we are having rain now so hopefully the farmers will benefit.

Friday, October 12, 2018


When we were in Toowoomba we were told that not only does Queens Park have a beautiful flower display but Laurel Park is also worth seeing. So one afternoon we turned on the natsav and found Laurel Park and it was beautiful.

 In this part of the park the garden beds represented the "Commonwealth Games", which Queensland hosted a few months ago. The blue/purple bed was a swimming pool. You can see the starting block. In the next shot you can see the swimmer being chased by a shark.

 A clown at the left. There was a viewing tower here.

 Then there were many topiaries, this one is a spider and below is Thomas the Tank Engine with seats in the carriages.

It was just beautiful. There were many more beds than I can show here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The B&B provided pre dinner drinks before we went out for dinner. It was a great place. After dinner we had Port and Chocolates by the fire and then we crawled into our sumptuous bed.
The next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast including cereals, all kinds of eggs with bacon, chipolata sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, croissants and pastries and home made bread for toast with homemade jams.

After breakfast we headed off to the Cob and Co Museum.

After the museum we drove to Spring Bluff historic station known for its award winning gardens. Passenger trains no longer use this line or station except for historic steam train trips from Brisbane to Toowoomba now and then.

Next to the station we found a cute little cafe selling a variety of pancakes. How could we resist?

While we were stuffing ourselves with Dutch style pancakes an empty coal train was heading to wards the mining district. Then a full one came trundling down the hill towards Brisbane Port. We drove back to Toowoomba and bought a sandwich for dinner at the B&B as we were too full of pancake to go out for dinner. However, Our hosts filled us up with canapés with our pre dinner sandwich drinks so we were too full to even eat our sandwich.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


We walked to Queens Park from our B&B in Toowoomba and in the far corner of the park is the Botanic Gardens where there were beds and beds of beautiful, varied flowers. It was a carnival of colour.

After a few hours of soaking up the eye candy and taking zillions of photos we walked back through the park to our B&B, where the hosts invited us for pre dinner drinks. It was the best B&B  we have ever been to. 'Wanulla'

Friday, October 5, 2018


Every year the town of Toowoomba holds 'Carnival of the Flowers' an amazing weeklong festival. Last year we went by train for a day trip but this time we went by car and stayed for two nights in a luxury B&B called "Wanulla". Toowoomba is situated on the Darling downs high up in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Consequently the Toowoomba weather is cooler than in Brisbane on the coast and it is more suited for a big range of flowers and plants. It takes about two hours to drive there winding up the steep ranges.
We booked into our B&B, it looked beautiful inside this historic old house, which has been renovated in keeping with the original style. It is furnished beautifully with antiques. The hosts were friendly, helpful and the hospitality was excellent. They provided afternoon tea, pre dinner drinks and port and chocolates after dinner. The bathroom had top quality supplies and Bill was impressed with the WiFi connection.
Wanulla B&B has a beautiful garden too.

There are cafes in walking distance from the B&B where we had lunch and dinner.

 Beautiful old homes are converted into cafes.

After lunch we walked to Queens Park to see one of the many flower displays in the city of Toowoomba.

A random toddler enjoys the flowers.

Bill among the flowers
There were so many garden beds and displays. I took loads of photos and I will bore you with them over the next few weeks.