William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


So Helen had a birthday last month but we seem to be behind a month for all our birthdays this year. Hopefully we'll catch up soon. We are a small group of friends who all retired around the same time from the same school. Some of us were teachers, one a teacher aide and one an administrator. Our spouses join us to celebrate our birthdays together so that we remain in touch. Instead of giving presents we pass on a Teddy Bear, who has to be dressed to reflect the recipients personality or their interests.

Helen recently toured the Pilbara Region of Western Australia with Chris. Chris dressed bear for Helen as an iron ore miner to remind her of the fun they had on that trip. She also put together a photo album for Bear and Helen.

Helen chose the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Cafe as the venue to celebrate with us and Bear. The food was good.

Bear is waiting for Helen to arrive.

 Chris dressed Bear and found a mining truck full of ore.

Helen and Chris with a big mining truck in the Pilbara, WA.

Helen was happy with her Bear and the Photo Album full of good memories of the trip to the Pilbara.

George, Ann, Mary, Chris, Helen, Me, Bill and Bob.
We all enjoyed our lunch. Bear ate all the left over chips (fries).

The view from the cafe window.

 Some of us went for a stroll through the desert section of the gardens, while others stayed and enjoyed the dessert section of the menu.

A water dragon.


  1. That looks like a beautiful garden to visit from what I can see in your photos - even if it is frequented by dragons and bears!

  2. What a great idea I hope bear has many adventures

  3. Beautiful photos of nature Diane. I really like your idea of dressing up bear and am always amazed at the creativity of your group for dressing bear appropriately for each birthday celebration.

  4. I wonder if I would have chosen desert or dessert. Until last year we owned a home just up the hill from the Mount Coot-The gardens. When we first built the house the gardens were in their very early stages of development - I think they have grown wonderfully over the years.

  5. Hello Happy belated birthday to Helen. The mining bear is cute, I like the shot next to the huge ore truck. The views from the cafe are beautiful, their property is lovely. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  6. LOVE the views and plants and really love that dragon... what a beautiful place to take BD Bear, he looks good in his hard hat

  7. Great photos and I love your water dragon. Happy weekend t'other Diane

  8. Haha! Desert and dessert, I would probably have stayed to enjoy the latter Diane 😊 You guys certainly have birthday fun, birthday bear looks good as a mine worker.. gosh the truck in the mines are so huge.. my ex sister in law used to drive one many years ago 😱

  9. My that’s a big truck! Such fun times as the cute bear looks on....the dragon is neat

  10. I would have stayed for dessert too. The gardens of the cafe are beautiful and I'm sure you all had great fun celebrating your friend's birthday.
    Love the idea of the birthday bear.

  11. I would love to do the garden stroll! But didn’t anyone want to do both that and dessert? Well, maybe not. ... mof us aren’t as lucky as Bear who can apparently eat all the leftovers and never gain an ounce. That was a neat tour your two friends took and a fun reminder of it! You all always look like you’re having such a great time together. (As I looked at that pic, I realize that right at this very moment I’m wearing a shirt that looks exactly like the one you have on. I just got back from lunch out with friends...it’s my current favorite top!)

  12. Another fun Birthday Bear celebration. I love the photo of the water dragon. He's got that cat that ate the canary look!