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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


During the school holidays, Sonya and the boys flew from cold Melbourne and we spent a week on the Gold Coast in an apartment at Burleigh Heads Beach. 
 Sonya loved the apartment and the view of the beautiful beach across the road.

 We unpacked and took the boys for a walk along the boardwalk and onto the beach. It was getting late and a bit cooler.

 The next day they were keen to play on the beach.

 Banjo even went into the water.

 I enjoyed watching the clouds

 and takng arty farty shots but its not easy getting up again at my age.

The Melbourne family enjoying the Queensland sun.

 One day we went to the river. After that I returned home but Sonya had a voucher for a free night at the Star Casino Hotel, so I dropped her there before going home. That morning she had a call from husband, Bernie, saying that he was back from USA and he would fly to Brisbane to spend the weekend with his family. Bernie had been given the voucher together with many other rewards because the TV series he stars in (Wentworth) won 3 Logi awards.
Needless to say, Sonya and the boys were very happy to see him. A few days later they flew back to cold Melbourne.


  1. Sounds like a nice place to vacation. Never heard of that tv series so googled it. Still not sure what's it about except prison life.

    1. Yes its a story about life in a women's prison.

  2. Hello, looks like a great family vacation. I love the beach and pretty sky images. Your grandsons are growing so tall. Congrats to your son-inlaw! Happy August, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. congratualtions to Bernie and what a beautiful place to stay. love the beach views from the room and from the boardwalk, in fact from every where.. especially thorugh the banyan roots

  4. It does a Victorian good to head to the Gold Coast in a winter, as we did one year and I expect will again.

  5. Our winter days have been beautiful warm and sunny, perfect for a break for the Melbourne family. Their apartment was in a great location too. SO good that Bernie is doing well in his career AND able to catch the tail end of their trip away!

  6. Great photos of Burleigh and the beach. Very good that your Melbourne family could enjoy some lovely weather with you.

  7. Lovely photos and I just know that problem about getting up again, when you try getting down to take photos!!! Take care. T'other Diane

  8. Lovely photos. Kids never tire of beaches, it seems. Those clouds are amazing.

  9. What a wonderful trip --for all of you. The beach/apartment all looked so neat. Great set of pictures. Glad Bernie could be there to see the family. I love the last picture of Sonya and Bernie...


  10. It looks as if you found the perfect place for a winter stay at the beach. I really enjoyed your cloud photos. I'm glad Bernie was able to spend some time with his family as well. That's a wonderful picture of Sonya and him.

  11. What a beautiful area and I'm sure the family must have enjoyed the warmer weather compared to the cold Melbourne weather, and a great surprise from your son in law.
    Congratulations to your son in law.

  12. Love the expression 'arty farty' .. I did a big ov that with today's post 😀 you have captured gorgeous images here Diane, precious time with family ✨

  13. Beautiful grandparent time for you two and a perfect winter break for your daughter and the boys. With a nice ending . I wonder if Wentworth is on Netflix... we have watched a couple of Australian shows which we enjoyed (usually it is BritTV for us!)

  14. Beautiful sea and clouds! The boys have certainly grown, and everyone looks healthy and happy.

  15. What a nice weekend you had ! It was good I think that Sonja and family left the USA and are again home in Australia !!

  16. Hi Diane, I have just done a quick catch-up on a few of your recent posts as this cross country road trip we're doing now leaves little time for blog reading in the evening. I enjoyed the photos of your beach getaway with the grandsons and their mom. It's so interesting to see the families of fellow bloggers "growing up" online. I know what you mean about the difficulty of getting up so usually avoid any low photo angles. Looks like the Birthday Bear celebration was another wonderful time with friends.

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  18. what fabulous photos you take. the apartment and surrounds look lovely and your grandsons are growing so fast. i bet they were happy to see their dad.