Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Monday, April 2, 2018


I interrupt our Singapore trip to record an event that happened close to home. Those of you who live in the Commonwealth of Nations will know that the Commonwealth Games start next week on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. People in other countries may have heard of the games but probably not. The Commonwealth Games are held every 4 years but in between the Olympic Games. There are 71 teams. This year the Gold Coast City are very proud to be hosting the Commonwealth Games. Building and infra structure has been going on for the last 4 years. The athletes have arrived and the Queens Baton is almost there.
The Queen's Baton Relay, is a relay around the world held prior to the beginning of the Commonwealth Games The Baton carries a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II. The Relay traditionally begins at Buckingham Palace in London as a part of the city's Commonwealth Day festivities. The Queen entrusts the baton to the first relay runner. At the Opening Ceremony of the Games, the final relay runner hands the baton back to the Queen or her representative, who reads the message aloud to officially open the Games.The Queen's Baton Relay is similar to the Olympic Torch Relay.
We were lucky that yesterday's section of the relay was starting at the Koala Centre in Daisy Hill Forest a 15 min walk from our village, so I grabbed my camera and off I went.
There are thousands of local legends who will share the dream and carry the Queen’s Baton with pride. Nominated by their peers for achievements and contributions to their community, these batonbearers represent the spirit of the Commonwealth and inspire others to be great.
I knew three of our local baton bearers. Jim Dennis, a member of the pioneering family in this area. Glen Styles, a resident of our village, who has donated years of his life to Meals on Wheels and teaching nursing home residents how to weave. Dami Im is a Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist performing artist, who lives in Daisy Hill. Im is known for achieving the best ever Eurovision result for Australia. She came second.
 I arrived at the Koala Centre early, there was already plenty of police and organisers there.

 There were also Police runners who flank the baton bearers as they run or walk if they are elderly.

 Except for the first runner, Jim Dennis, the baton bearers and were taken by bus to their stations. The famous Australian musician and singer, Dami Im is number 017.

 My friend from our village , Glen (with the cap) a long time volunteer.

Off goes the bus.

Photo from GC Commonwealth Games site
Meanwhile, Jim Dennis, says good bye to a koala before setting off on the first run. Our street is named after his family.

 Last instructions from the accompanying police.

He's off!! The Queens Baton is on its way to the Gold Coast where it will arrive at the opening ceremony on 4 April after leaving London 388 days ago and spanned 71 countries and more than 200,000 miles before reaching the Gold Coast.


Carol-Ann said...

An interesting post! Thanks for giving the runners a nice send off on our behalf!

Gosia k said...

It is an interesting event

Andrew said...

Mys sister in law ran with it when it was in Victoria. It is an honour. It looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

We're not hearing much about the Games here at present as there's so much other sport going on at this time of year.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

How cool. I live in a Commonwealth country and do know of the games but with Invictus games here in afll and then watching the run up to Olympics I missed hearing about Commonwealtg games. Thanks for the reminder.

Fun60 said...

I am looking forwardto watching them on TV.

mick said...

very exciting for all those involved.

Graham Edwards said...

It's good to see the nuts and bolts of what one usually simply hears stark, dehumanised statements.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Excitement in the village and surrounds.
Nice captures Diane.

Gattina said...

Courageous people !!

George said...

How wonderful that you could see a part of the relay and that you know some of the runners.

jennyfreckles said...

Lovely to see this. I shall be watching some of the Games on TV.

Rhodesia said...

Interesting post and it looks like fun as well as a privaledge for the bearers. Hope all is well t'other Diane