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Monday, February 12, 2018


Continuing My Story:

In December 1974, we had been in our new house for 6 months and Sonya, baby number 2, was born. Carol was two and a half and old enough to really enjoy Christmas. Naturally it gave us much joy to watch her.
Bill made Carol a dolls house, she was happy with that.

 Introduction to music making. She enjoyed trains (no gender bias)

 She was wearing a pretty dress which her grandma had made by hand. She also had a lovely Swiss dress sent by her Grossmuti.

 She enjoyed the little pool she got for Christmas.

Then we had a little concert.


  1. I can't help but smile because Carol was smiling so much. If Grossmuti's dress is on the right, it looks very special.

  2. She looks like a darling girl, always smiling broadly. I'm sure she loved her doll house.

  3. What a sweet memories to watch at. She was a happy smiling girl, that doll house looks almost the same we had!

  4. I know that we don't generally try and take miserable photos but Carol's smile looks so natural and I would have thought from that that she had a very sunny personality.

  5. She seems such a happy child and I hope she is a happy adult as well. Looking at her just makes me smile as well. Hope all is well, t'other Diane

  6. she was such a doll baby and i love that yellow dress. every photos shows here with that big beautiful smile, a happy child

  7. Hello Diane!
    Wonderful pictures of your beautiful daughter!
    Such a happy child!
    Thank you for sharing your sweet memories!
    Have a lovely week!

  8. Happy, happy memories. Your daughter looks a real joy with that smile. It's quite infectious.

  9. Sweet memories. Such happy girls with their Christmas gifts. My daughter's doll house, made by her grandpa, was her favorite toy for many years.

  10. Just gorgeous and wonderful memories.
    The doll house looks good.

  11. These are all adorable photos! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Carol is such a sweetie, what a lovely Christmas for you all!

  13. What wonderful memories, Diane! Carol,is so pretty then and now!

  14. I was never a girlie girl, and didn't care very much about fashions or jewellery. But I had only brothers and sons, and lived next door to my three male first cousins. Not a girl in sight anywhere :(

    Your daughter was so cute, so musical, so alert *sigh*. You are very fortunate

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