Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Well Christmas is over for another year. We had a good time with family and friends.  Here is a snippet of what we did:

Just before Christmas I walked in the forest with my friends and we saw many wallabies this one looked good in the morning sun.

Our neighbours went on holidays to Vietnam and left their pet bearded dragon with us to look after. He was in his moulting stage.

We made arrangements to go to Ipswich to meet old friends, Joan and Norm. We have been friends since we met in Papua/New Guinea back in the early sixties.

Our daughter, Carol, and son in law, David, came from Sydney to spend Christmas Eve with us and Christmas Day with David's Parents. Bill cooked them a cherry tart. It was delicious.

For Christmas Eve dinner we had what is becoming traditional Australian sea food fare. We had
two beautiful Snapper fish with Moreton Bay Bugs and prawns with a variety of different salads. David cooked the fish to Thai perfection. Christmas cake and brandy sauce followed.

On Boxing Day we went to visit David's parents, Bill and Alma. They have four adult children in their thirties and forties but for ages they didn't have any grand children. Recently their daughter, Melody gave them a grandson.
Uncle David is thrilled with his new nephew. Alma and Bill are over the moon with their first grandchild.
 Of course we had to have a cuddle of this very welcome baby, Billy (William) His jump suit reads. "I'm still living with my parents"

So it was a fairly quiet Christmas because our other daughter, Sonya and SIL. Bernie and Fox and Banjo stayed in Melbourne to celebrate with Bernie's family this year. Last year they were with us.
I hope all my readers had a happy Christmas too.


Gosia k said...

your Chritmas was nice . Happy New Year 2017 from Poland

Christian Perrin said...

Glad you had a great Christmas and got to meet lil' Billy! :-D

Sandra said...

I love the Creator pictures and I sure would like to see a wallaby. Your Christmas Eve dinner looks really good to me and I do love a good snapper fish. That baby is just adorable

Tabor said...

Sounds like just the right Christmas to me...even though that warm weather seems odd.

Gattina said...

That was a nice Christmas, can't complain about ours, I thought it would be worse and it wasn't at all !

eileeninmd said...

Hello, sound like a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. The baby is adorable. The food looks delicious, especially the cherry tart! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Sue (this n that) said...

Sounds just beaut, enjoyable food and, I'm with Eileen above, very partial to Bill's cherry tart. We're familiar with the bearded dragons at close quarters - they make fascinating pets... interesting to see their moulting proceedure. Cheers now :D)

Cynthia said...

The cherry tart is beautiful and I am sure, heavenly tasting. I tried to convince someone that we needed to have seafood for Christmas but nope, it was a traditional ham instead! Yours looks delicious.

Fun60 said...

Seafood especially shell fish is a must at Christmas. Your Christmas sounded wonderful.

yevisha said...

hi Diane, it sounds and looks like you had a lovely Christmas. i had to laugh at William's onesie. :) hope you have a very happy new year

Margaret-whiteangel said...

All is looking good there Diane.
Seems you had a good Christmas Day and that pie does look delicious.
A little one at Christmas time, so special.
Happy New Year.

MTWaggin said...

Happy holidays you two and that cherry tart look AMAZING! YUM

Graham Edwards said...

I can't ever recall seeing a wallaby in Australia which is strange given that I saw plenty of wallabies in Whipsnade Zoo in England when I was a very young child.

bettyl-NZ said...

Sound like a grand time! Glad you had a great Christmas.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Looks like you have been having an enjoyable time. We have had a relaxing week out at our block.