William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Every winter good friends of ours, Ann and George, rent an apartment for a month at Rainbow Bay. While there they organise a staff reunion of the 90's era of Kuraby School. So we drove down to Rainbow Bay at the southern end of the Gold Coast. It takes about an hour. 
 It was a beautiful winter's day with the sun shining. The view looking south from the 14th floor was magic.

 Looking straight out across the bay we could see Surfer's Paradise in the far distance. I used a telephoto lens to bring it closer.

 Looking left around the bay was beautiful too.

We ate, drank, talked and relaxed all day with our old friends from working days. That night TOH and I were invited to stay overnight.

 In the morning the sea was calm and very clear and there were people swimming ....brrrrr too cold for me.

We came down from our tower and our friends, Ann and George took us for a walk around the rocks. It was quite warm. We didn't need sweaters.

 We returned to the apartment for lunch and some exciting whale watching. 

These paddle board riders were in for some fun. They spotted the whales and paddled towards them.

 They were a long way off and my zoom wasn't powerful enough but hopefully you can see the back of the whale poking out and the dark shadow underneath.

The whales turned around and swam back towards the paddle boarders, who flopped down onto their boards , put their legs up and paddled like mad. There is a boat behind the whales and the board rider is to the left  sorry he is just a dot.


  1. What great photos. after reading your post and looking at your photos I am so excited about forthcoming visit.

  2. What a lovely visit with your friends. The beach and water looks so beautiful. And I LOVE the whale sightings. Wonderful photos, Diane!

  3. Ahh - it is no wonder we are called the most beautiful country in the World - excellent shots Diane. Somehow I got your 'Rainbow Beach' up on the Sunshine Coast area, now please no "smarty comments AnnJ", it will distress me.
    I hope that speed boat in the last photos was warning the surf riders to stay clear.
    Magnificent photos indeed.
    Well done.

  4. The surf boat at speed is a bit of a concern. If it was warning the paddle boarders, I think the cure was worse than the disease. Lovely photos. It is a pretty spot.

  5. Beautiful pictures of this part of Australia.

  6. There's nothing nicer than the sea and beach during winter (well, ours on the Indian ocean, anyway!) Great that you had a reunion with friends from the school. I love the story of the paddlers and the whales! Your photography is great, Diane!

  7. Hello again Diane...these are gorgeous photos. You must have had a wonderful visit.

  8. the one shot of the surfer alone the water is just stunning. and i would paddle like mad away from the whales. what a beautiful beach and so good to spend time with old friends.

  9. Beautiful! The water is so clear but I agree with the swimming:) brrr

  10. What a lovely place to vacation. The water is so clear. So exciting that you saw whales, too!

  11. That's a real beautiful place ! I don't swim in cold water either it has to be at least 25° !

  12. Hi Diane, WOW---Rainbow Bay truly looks like somewhere I would love to live --especially during your winter season. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Those crazy guys... Bet they did paddle hard to get away from those whales. What were the whales? Humpbacks?

    Love the sunset photo. TERRIFIC...

  13. What a great catch-up with friends ...and just perfect for trying out some zooming techniques with your Canon.

  14. Hi Diane,
    I missed so many of your adventures while I was away. I peeked in on the bridge climb - you are one brave lady!
    Love these shots - especially the clear water under the surfer.
    How cool to be able to do your own whale watching. We went whale watching years ago in Maine. Saw one come right up to the boat. Magnificent creatures.

  15. You certainly had beautiful views at Rainbow Bay. I think it must have been exciting to see the whales, even if you couldn't get a good picture of them.

  16. Wow your photos are amazing, I feel like I have just had a mini holiday. Take care Diane

  17. Glorious shots ... and obviously great weather. I especially like your skyline shot.

  18. I agree with whoever said above that you have a beautiful country. So many different ways of beauty.

  19. Diane,
    SUCH gorgeous photos.

    It seems so strange to us, that it is winter there, as it was 105 here yesterday. Yeesh!

    Enjoy your beach. :)

  20. How wonderful to be at the Gold Coast. My daughter lives in Cooktown, where I stayed last month for three weeks. In December I shall see her and the family again, but then in Tasmania.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Well the hotel was out of the question, as there were so many people. The only thing we could get was a couple of meals on our boarding tickets. We survived! And we met some interesting and nice people!

  21. Neat winter escape! Wonderful views. Imagine paddling out to meet the whales (or escape them)...what an adventure.

  22. What a beautiful place!

    If it was warm enough for you to go for a walk without a sweater, I bet it was too hot for me!

  23. Rainbow Bay looks so beautiful--the water is such a pretty blue color. Love the whale sighting!