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Friday, August 10, 2012


Me and Marie

I played hockey from when I started high school at the age of 13. When I left school I joined Port Hacking Hockey Club and played in a Sydney competition.

Over the Easter Holidays in 1960 I attended a Hockey Instruction Camp at Castlereagh near Sydney.  We wore light blue skirts , white shirt, and a royal blue blazer.
Us girls had fun in this cabin.  I can remember being woken up by horses puting their heads in the window.
Another team, Dover Heights, arrived on motor scooters we were impressed.
Practicing the game.
That's me, hockey stick in one hand and camera in the other at 17.
The weekend went too fast and soon it was time to say goodbye to our new friends after they had given us a ride around the field. 
Our transport wasn't so glamorous.


  1. I think you were good at every sport you tried your hand at! LOL, the army truck doesn't quite compare to the motorcycles, does it?

  2. I smiled when I saw the photo of you with the hockey stick in one had and the camera in the other. Even back then you didn't go any where without your camera.

    You transport may not have been so glamorous but at least you got a ride on the motorcycle.

  3. Oh my goodness! The year is 1960!
    Hockey sticks - shades of "The Belles of St Trinian's" of 1954 fame in the movies!
    Are/Were you aware my dear Diane, that during my last years as a "bureaucrat" ie: "Over Officious Office Occupier" - (God forgive me) with the BCC I had to run the gauntlet with the hockey stickers of the All Hallows College "femmes fatales" as they poured out of school with their damn hockey sticks in the arcade in the TCB building in the "delightful" Valley precinct. They even scared the living daylights out of the druggies and the ferals with their damn hockey sticks. Terrifying two groups was one thing (excellent), but to the decent upstanding members of the public was another! (I belonged to the latter!).
    Now the question, were you a 1960 member of "The Belles of St Trinian's" brigade???? You may reply in strictest confidence.
    Cheers and now shivers with this terrible change of temperature.

  4. i would so LOVE to have a horse put his head in my window.

  5. I love your reminiscent posts, Diane. You were so active as a young woman (and to your credit still are!) and I loved how you were also always taking photographs.

  6. Hi Diane, so much fun reading your adventures. Also the skiing trip, so many wonderful memories. Yes, it was a different time, but we had still a great childhood, appreciated everything we got. Your Photos are treasured mementos and I am sure about one thing, at the time you did not think about posting them on blogger! I like the picture with the hockey stick and the camera,"unbezahlbar"!

  7. Thanks for sharing these memories with us.

  8. What fabulous photos! Your transport was most definitely less glamorous, lol! Those scooters were marvellous! Obviously Dover Heights team had a little more money in their pot!

  9. Great post Diane, loved the one with your hockey stick in one hand and your camera in the other. Less glamorous transport but at least you could all have fun chatting about the good time you all had. I bet it was a great ride home.

  10. Wow ! that looks like a lot of fun ! you look very cute in your uniform. I have always been far too lazy for any sport. I did some tennis, but that was more for meeting boys (lol)

  11. Great pictures, and interesting now the Dutch won the Gold Medal in Hockey yesterday.


  12. Hi Diane, great shots from the past. I also love the shot of you with the hockey stick and camera. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  13. Your story is always such a pleasure to read, being documented as it is with such interesting shots. Keep em coming.

  14. That is a good one, the hockey team arriving on scooters. This was one game that I hated at school, probably the only sport I did not like. After breaking my elbow when I was about 15, it conveniently left me with a good excuse to never play hockey again!

    Great photos and memories.

    Love that camera hanging there in its case. looks a bit like my old Brownie Box. DFiane

  15. That's amazing Diane ... you carried your camera with you way back then.

  16. This is a neat sport to play...like the black and white photos

  17. Hockey is really cool, even if I prefer Lacrosse^^
    And I love those scooters!!^^

  18. Your sporting adventures are always fun to read about. And what an original alarm clock you all had - a horse!

  19. What fun that must have been! I love the photos from your "previous" life! It's fun to watch you enjoying life through the "ages." You look remarkably youthful still, she said grumpily.....