Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We left Peterborough and continued south to Burra on our South Australia trip with 4 friends. On the way we detoured and called into the ghost town of Terowie. On our last tour here on a bus we stopped at the historic station( see my old post) but we didn't go into town to see the old buildings nor did we stop at the paddock of sculptures. This time we were driving ourselves and so could stop for a nosey around. 
 Just before the old town there is a paddock full of metal sculptures. I wasn't overly impressed except for the long line of old bicycles attached to the fence.

 The buildings are historically significant as they haven't been altered since the 1880's. The town was established in 1875 and became an important rail junction town. The wide gauge changed to narrow gauge here so all trains had to stop. There were big rail yards here. In 1969 the rail gauge was made uniform and so trains didn't stop and the town declined. In 1980 the rail line was moved to the west and and the town died.

 After years of drought the farmers gave up their farms and moved as well. Now there are about 100 people left.

 It is sad to see these buildings not being used, I wonder what will happen to them.

Taken from car window.
 I laughed at the typical Aussie farewell as we headed out of town towards the main road.

 The weather was threatening but it passed over. The next two photos will no doubt annoy my country bred friend Colin as he, like all farmers, hate this purple weed, called Paterson's Curse. Can you see it stretching across the base of the hills? I think it is poisonous for cattle but I'm sure Colin will tell us all about it in my comments.

 However, I think it makes beautiful scenery and photos.

 This is what the farmers prefer to see. Typical Aussie farmland with grain and sheep but no Paterson's Curse.  


Colin (HB) said...

Good God - 2 nightmares tonight!
1.The World's greatest screeching championship on!
Maria Sharapova v's Victoria Azarenka! and now you put up Paterson's Curse.

Here for your readers:


That really is a "ghost town" - did you see anyone? Hopefully not!
The "Adams Family TV" show was put to shame.
Actually on the two trips via this place, I did see a couple of humans. Well, they were moving!
But completely no one in that main street as shown. Eerie, indeed.
Actually scary!
I think if anyone tried to steal all those bikes, they would be haunted for the rest of their lives.
Great post Diane, except for that BLOODY Purple stuff!
Colin (HB)

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Diane, you were right. Colin does not like the purple stuff. It does make a lovely photo when viewed from a distance however.

I love the fence with the bicycles, that is so cool.

Andrew said...

Also called Salvation Jane, which makes you think it must have ok for some variety of animal.

Jo said...

Oh I loved Colin's reaction! I loved the scene it made for your photo, though! Diane, in SA those bicycles wouldn't last a day! Very good exhibition though. I looked back at your older post and am glad you were able to stop this time. I've just called Grant to look at your photos and we both agree so many of your rural towns look exactly like they could be in South Africa. The photo of the old house with the slanty roof over the veranda is a replica of one I have of houses in a Karoo town back home. What a lovely post. (And we loved the Aussie farewell on the fence!) See-ya !Jo

eileeninmd said...

Hi Diane, Terowie really is a ghost town. It is sad to see all the houses and buildings empty. The row of bicycles is cool. Your photos of the fields are my favorite, I love the field of purple. I guess the cows know no to eat it? A beautiful scene and the colors are gorgeous. I hope you have a great weekend!

FruitCake said...

I've heard the name Salvation Jane is used because sheep can survive on it safely for a limited time, but I'm no farmer. It's officially a noxious weed in Victoria, but a pretty colour anywhere.
On the other hand, it does not respect boundaries and I can sympathise a little with Colin because people who allow cats to breed and become feral are as guilty as those who do not control their patto.

What an astonishing town! It does look as though some of the buildings would be functional and therefore of appeal to some who work from home or just need a base from which to travel.

Great photos and a fascinating post as always, thanks Diane!

biebkriebels said...

Nice to see you can use a bicycle in an art project. Never seen before. It almost looks many visitors have put it there to watch the other art, but I understand there are hardly people around there. That is sad a town is almost abandoned and become a ghosttown. The purple is ok for me, I love it.

Trotter said...

Hi Diane and Bill! Sorry for the delay; Happy New Year!

Amazing place and absolutely lovely pictures!!

Blogtrotter Two is leaving Corsica, finally... ;). Enjoy and have a great year ahead!!!

whiteangel said...

Shame about that town, there are lots of those about unfortunately....Paterson's curse is very pretty, but I know it's not liked by farmers.... .your photos are lovely.

Sandra said...

i love the bloody purple stuff and would like to have some of it, but if it is dangerous for cattle can understand why colin doesn't like it. love the bike fence, very cool to me. i would like to wander up and down those streets even with ghosts

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi, Love Colin's response... Between his tennis and seeing 'purple' he was bloody upset....

The purple stuff is pretty --but I understand invasive plants/weeds... We have enough of things like that here --like Dandelions....

That Ghost Town is kinda spooky.. I'm surprised that there are still 100 people there... Kinda sad to see a town die.

Have a great weekend.

Betty [email protected] Cut and Dry said...

aww, you've gotten my day off to a great start!

absolutely wonderful photos!

terowie really is a ghost town. it is sad to see all those buildings empty:(

the last photo is phenomenal!

Filip Demuinck said...

Super, the fence with the bicycles.


Dina said...

The purple flowers are amazing!

George said...

At the risk of raising Colin's blood pressure again, I will say Paterson's Curse is pretty from a distance. The bicycles along the fence were interesting, but I liked the old buildings better. I hope they can be preserved.

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

That was kind of cool that Collin's comment was first, b/c now I can say that the photo of the purple plant in the distance is beautiful, without a guilty conscience (assuming he won't come back and read everybody's comments).

Ghost towns are just inherently sad. But you got excellent pix.

Ann said...

ghost bikes? One day, you might get real ghost come and steal all the bikes. The look pretty good to me.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a fun bicycle fence!! and the purple curse does make a pretty picture, even if it is a farmers worst nightmare. And now I am laughing at Colin's comment... because I absolutely hate it when the women tennis players screech and grunt every time they hit the ball.

Colin (HB) said...

Gotcha Sallie!!! Ha ha!
Colin (HB)

Carletta said...

I LOVE that bicycle fence! It is so whimsical!
I'm glad Colin answered my question for me. I thought the town looked pretty abandoned. I'd love to explore it.
After reading the above comments I should tell Colin to stop reading mine now. :) Because - those purple fields are beautiful to see!
Lovely post Diane!

Colin (HB) said...

I have got news for you, mate.
I do look at your very interesting and informative West Virginia reports every now and then. You do a great job!
Unfortunately I never got to Virginia - probably flew over the state on my way to Atlanta. Six visits to the USA and I most regret never getting to Arlington!
Purple is a lovely colour, but best not seen in paddocks - ha ha!
Colin (HB)
ps: Mate here means, "friend", of either sex.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

What great photos love them

Diane said...

The purple does look lovely though - your photos - as ever - are gorgeous. x

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh we missed the sculptures but I've got a feeling we didn't miss a thing. As for the town it is the most amazing place so intact and yet so empty, will stay in my memory a long time, especially the old car yard.

I also like the purple for photos but farmers have a thing about weeds. We've been driving out west this weekend and there are signs along the road ... have you treated your Serrated Tussock, have you treated your St John's Wort? Didn't see any fields of Patterson's Curse in this trip.

Kath Lockett said...

Ah yes, Patterson's Curse or 'Salvation Jane' if you're in a positive mood.

My father used to call it Salvation Jane as he did beekeeping as a hobby and the honey it produced was utterly delicious. Even now, ten years after he stopped having hives, I feel guilty having to buy honey!

Gattina said...

That's always sad when an old town dies out, maybe a tourist investor can make alive again !
The landscape is really so beautiful !
weed or not weed it looks beautiful at least from far !

Denise said...

What a neat place to visit. Love the bicycles along the railing. Thanks for stopping by, not sure whether the flowers I buy from the supermarket are imported, I'll have to ask them the next time I go because now I am curious. Have a great week.

Tammy said...

The bicycle fence is pretty cool :)

Red Nomad OZ said...

Yes, I get that Salvation Jane (aka Paterson's Curse) is a pest, but can't deny it's beauty. One of the best sights I never photographed was a field of SJ with orange Cape Tulips (another imported pests) - almost iridescent!!

On our last visit to Terowie MANY years ago, an enterprising local had set up an op shop/tea rooms! What a shame it's no longer there ...

[email protected] said...

So funny to read the comments.
I guess without employment any town could become a ghost town.
I can just imagine how hard life was there.

JM said...

Those fields are just beautiful! Lovely shots.

Anonymous said...

Well Diane, your photos are just stunning and your blog is fantastic! One very clever lady! I love all the bikes lined up!

Sara said...

The awful pest, that purple stuff, sure is beautiful. I guess looks can be deceiving, but we knew that already didn't we! You have such interesting little towns and even ghost towns.

Liz said...

Another beautiful post!! Sorry to clog up your emails but I had to look further down to see your other posts!!
I love the fence of bicycles and the scenery is spectacular! We do live in a beautiful country, don't we??!!

Angela Häring-Christen said...

So beautiful pictures.

Susan Marie Williams said...

so what burb ya live in cityboy???

alex amarxon said...

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