Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Continuing our tour by car from Adelaide to Port Augusta, we stopped at Port Broughton for lunch. It is a sleepy little tourist town on the Yorke Peninsular and the east coast of the Spencer Gulf. It used to have a train which loaded grain onto Windjammer ships for England. It is an agriculture township.
 I loved the old architecture of the hotel. It overlooked the Gulf.

 The view was good.

 The seafood was nice too. Helen ordered prawns, they were different.

 After lunch we drove on to Port Pirie famous for lead and zinc smelting.

 The railway no longer exists here but the gorgeous old station is now a Museum. I was fascinated by pictures in the museum of trains running down the main road.

 Just as we were leaving the town Ann spotted this interesting old shop. We pulled over and took a closer look. 
 The door was shut but was displaying this poem.

Looking through the window it became obvious that it was an antique shop but it looked more like a junk shop. We had a giggle at the signs. " These two Died of boredom waiting for customers but will be resurrected when you telephone...."


biebkriebels said...

Ha,ha,ha, you Aussies have a lot of humor. The last note is priceless.

[email protected] said...

Love the poem did you ring ?

MTWaggin said...

I'm with you I love the style of the buildings. They are lovely and the poem on the shop is a hoot!

Sandra said...

a beautiful place and i would like to visit the train museum, but that shop is where i would spend the most time. i giggled all the way through the poem and at the last two photos.

George said...

It looks as if the owner of the shop in Port Pirie has a sense of humor as well as poetic talent. Both of the buildings you showed are beautiful. I haven't seen prawns like the ones Helen ordered.

The Southern Mint Julep said...

This looks like an interesting trip, and I also love the hotel architecture. I would have a ball shopping in the antique shops too.

Filip said...

The museum looks incredible and I would certainly eat the shrimps.


Andrew said...

Are they train tracks in front of the museum? Trains in a main street are great.

Colin (HB) said...

Certainly well kept towns, obviously a great deal of civic pride.
They are the strangest looking pawns??? Are they chopped up prawns and then cooked in long battered rolls????
Also it is incredible how many old beautifully built rail stations there are in Australia with no rail services anymore. Great to see that many are preserved now for other useages like the one at Port Pirie.
Great post again.
Colin (HB)

Dianne said...

I had a good laugh at your peek through the window of that junk shop - some-one there obviously has a sense of humour!
Helen's prawn rolls look delish.

yevisha said...

love the old shop.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous railroad station, Diane... Too bad that there is no longer rail service there.

Port Broughton is another neat town... Love the architecture.

Those don't look like Prawns to me. Aren't Prawns like big shrimp????

Bet that Junk Shop would be a neat place to visit... We have lots of JUNK stores in our country... ha

Michele said...

The architecture is wonderful and so are the paint colors! Is that orangey color typical of buildings in Australia? I bet it is wonderful against a blue sky! The antique/junque shop looks to be fun. I could have spent an hour there, just poking about. I love the way you travel!

whiteangel said...

Lovely drive down that way.
Love the 'comment' after the last photo..lol

Valerie said...

That ornate building in Port Broughton is fantastic, and I had to laugh at the poem in the shop window! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing. Happy weekend.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Glad I'm not the only one posting about the wonders of the Yorke Peninsula! It's one of my favourite OZ spots - look forward to seeing what else you discover!!

Gattina said...

The houses along the street and also the Museum look as if I was in England, the store must be very funny already the poeme and the death of boredom says it, lol !

eileeninmd said...

Diane, I just love these tours of yours. The train museum is a pretty building and the town is lovely too. I enjoyed the signs on the shop window, very cute. I have never had prawns, do they taste like shrimp? Wonderful post and photos, have a great weekend!

Colin (HB) said...

SA has a completely different history to all the other Australian States. Google "South Australia for Wikipedia", it is interesting.
Here is one aspect, that might answer your question.
"The state's origins are unique in Australia as a freely settled, planned British province, rather than as a convict settlement. Official settlement began on 28 December 1836, when the colony was proclaimed at The Old Gum Tree by Governor John Hindmarsh."
The history and the different migrants in the early days are intriguing as to why these people settled there. Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, and Germans were the main early migrants. Many of SA towns/hamlets had Germanic names, which when WW1 started were changed to English names. Some were strangely retained - Hadndorf in the Barossa Valley.
Eileeninmd - re: shrimps and prawns. As far as I am concerned they are almost the same. I have eaten shrimps in the USA and the delightful Shrimp Chowder in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Prawns seem to me to be fatter and bigger. I love cold prawns.
Just ask Diane - ha ha.
Colin (HB)

FruitCake said...

Old junk shops are full of stories - and when the owners have a sense of humour the stories are even better.

I'm enjoying the view, and can almost taste the prawns.

Dina said...

I love your photographs!

The junk shop looks like a lot of fun. I think I'd love it.

Kath Lockett said...

...bless...! I hope to run such a shop in my old age somewhere in country Australia....

Betty [email protected] Cut and Dry said...

the poem on the shop is awesome.

i like photographing buildings, your photos are really beautiful!

thanks for this lovely tour!

happy weekend!

Julie said...

Those prawns would not leave much space in my belly!

Marja said...

What a great sore. Love the sense of humor and the poem My kind of place.
The buildings are beautiful and I have recently eaten these poeinty things with prawns for the first time in a Chinese restaurant

Joan Elizabeth said...

Great yarn ... and as for those prawns ... definitely worth a shot.

GardenofDaisies said...

The hotel and station in this town are a true delight to behold. This is one of those architecture appreciation dream trips, isn't it? Too funny about the sign on the shop and the skeletons inside. :-)

Christine said...

I remember climbing to the very top of the 'tower' at the railway station museum some 35 years ago when the Indian Pacific stopped there enroute to Perth. Love the antique shop...There are similar sorts of places - albeit museums - in country Victoria ( Ararat).

Ann said...

I like those wooden lace work.

The prawns, they look delicious.