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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Waiting Game

Our small family all impatiently waiting for Sonya to give birth.
It is so wonderful to have our daughters and their men altogether again after being spread around the world on and off over the past ten years. Sonya and Bernie on the left and Carol and David on the right.
Carol and David only live about a ten minute drive from Sonya and Bernie and we are only a few hours away by plane. Last night Carol and David dropped in after work and Bernie made us Burritos. Bill and I enjoyed this as we don't have it at home but now Bill has seen how its done hopefully he'll add it to his repertoire of meals he makes. Sonya is drinking Cranberry juice (not wine).

She is always hungry and eats well.

Bernie is always calm even though extremely excited and impatient too.


  1. I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa are ANXIOUS and IMPATIENT also..... Keep us posted.

    We've had a wonderful day today at the beach... Beautiful weather after the rain yesterday (clear, sunny, breezy, warm---PERFECT)...


  2. Foxy! Come out, come out, where ever you are!!!

  3. How much longer?? Oh..this is soo exciting! And how wonderful to see all the kids together and so happy :-)

  4. mmmmm... burritos and cranberry juice sounds so good right now. I think I will add them to my grocery list. You all look so happy!

  5. Oh man...how I do love burritos. And homemade are the best. I want to jump through that photo. Waiting is tough for these events. Can't wait to see the new arrival! Any names thought of yet?

  6. :) Very nice. All the best - I'll look out for news in your coming posts.

    Happy Weekend, Ev

  7. How great that you are all together for this wonderful time.

  8. Just want to know if Bernie cooked in the same manner as he cooked on "Rafters"........... All the best to Sonia and Bernie and hope the baby arrives soon, so you can go and welcome Jessica back to dry land. (Guess Sonia wishes it is soon too.) Ann J

  9. Beautiful family Diane! I can feel the excitement. It is lovely that you're all together right now. I'll be thinking of you all and eagerly awaiting to hear about the little one's arrival.

  10. How sweet ! the "holy" family together, lol ! We should bet ! I'll say it's for Sunday !

  11. Oh the joys of waiting and the excitement. Please post photos as soon as you can with the new little one!


  12. I bet that is not cranberry juixe that Bernie is pouring.

    Peter from the Sunshine Coast has his grand-daughter, Lily, last night. Photo up on his 'Fading Memories' blog. Link from my side bar if necessary.

  13. May you all be blessed with much joy and good health, it is wonderful to see a happy family who are close to each other.

    happy grandparenting to you and hubby!