Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The other evening, Carol and David took us up the hill to the next suburb called 'Dover Heights' to a small park where we could watch the sun set over the city.

I preferred to use the telephoto lens rather than wide angle, therefore I couldn't get the city and the bridge in one picture, so you'll get two pics.

Local children were playing football and people were walking their dogs in the park without looking at the magic being woven in front of them, they are so used to this scene every evening. I turned my back on the scene and saw......

this house across the road from the park. Wow! What a view they must have.

The sun slipped away .....

and the sky deepened....

providing a variety of canvases.

Sydney looks great from the air too.


  1. What a BRILLIANT record of the city at sunset. Wow to that house behind you. And the bridge at dusk. All so beautiful diane. Thanks for sharing with someone like me who only has a dusty landscape from my flat at the moment! Have a good day.

  2. Diane, wonderful shots of Sydney sunset. You had a great view from the park. Gorgeous and colorful sunset photos!

  3. Your good at this. Reminded me of the view I had from my office when I worked in the city. At this time of year when working late (as usual) we'd pause just to watch amazing reds like that unfold. Thanks for the memory.

  4. Sunrises and sunsets! What would we do without them for the rejuvenation they give. Ahhhhhh.........

  5. A stunning sunset with the city skyline Diane. How beautiful is that?

  6. Hi Diane, WOW---that is an amazing sunset.. To see Sydney's skyline like that is awesome. What an incredible experience you all had. All of the photos are amazing.

    Do you have a baby yet???

  7. Good photography! And that house!!!! I would hate to clean it.


  8. So ... granny ... photos please ... proud grandparents and young tyke ... pretty pulease ...

  9. what amazing colour! Great photos too! Are you sure that is just one house? Isnt it a pity that they werent out enjoying the view?... oh they must have been at work ...... to pay the mortgage!

  10. Wow Diane! Those are stunning. Thank you for the glorious views.

  11. Wow, the scene just kept getting better and better!
    Lovely shots!

  12. Lovely post Diane, Beautiful shots across sydney's skyline

  13. Great collection of photos of the city in different moods. Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.

  14. Sydney: I was born there during WW2
    - it is without doubt the most magnificent city in the World, the harbour beats Rio de Janerio, Brazil, maybe the second most beautiful city, which will host the 2016 Olympics, the third city in the Southern hemisphire to have this honour.
    Unfortunately the "powers to be" ie: politicans and the subarban councils of Sydney have got major problems with traffic, "gridlocks".
    Thankfully in Brisbane we do not have this problem - the BCC runs the whole place, whether it is good or bad, it is far better than the Sydney situation.
    Yes, Grandma Diane ( recently) has shown beautiful photos from the best or the best of Sydney. I love the place - worts and all!
    Colin (HB)

  15. That's so beautiful !!
    What a skyline !

    Again congratulations to the grandparents !

  16. gorgeous amber sunset! love those silhouettes!

  17. A stunning photos of the sunset, I love your new photo layout too. Have a nice weekend

  18. I hear that Fox has arrived. Congratulations. I bet you are beaming.

  19. I Love these! Beautiful colors!!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. so beautiful pictures...

    Hi Diane, how are you?
    care to join the Weekend Funnies which I am hosting?
    Take a look ...
    Have you an AWESOME weekend!

  21. What a magnificent view you had Diane, the sunset is stunning in each photo. I agree with you, the view from that house would be 'Wow'!

  22. Diane, it was great to meet you and Bill at the Sydney Bloggers Convention today.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  23. It's hard to imagine getting so used to such a view that one would take it for granted, but I know that happens. I sometimes pretend I am someone else seeing a familiar (to me) view for the first time.

    What I love about clouds, sunrises and sunsets is that they are always different. Flying back from Brisbane recently we were above the clouds as the sun was setting. Unfortunately my camera was inaccessible otherwise I'd have taken countless photos of the masses of billowing clouds all tinged various colours by the sun. I really didn't want the plane to land....lol.

    I hope the people who live in that mansion appreciate their view every day.

  24. You definitely covered Sydney in spectacular fashion. Great camera you have which I hope one day will be able to own for myself.

    I know Dover Heights as I used to work there few years ago with a Jewish boss.