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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Times Change

Thirty to fifty years ago when I was pregnant, there was no way women would flaunt their pregnancy and be proud of it. We covered up in tent like dresses hoping to hide our big bellies and society at the time made us feel ugly. Today the modern young women are proud and happy to show everyone that they are carrying a child. Somehow I think this is a much better attitude than my generation. What do you think? My daughter will be giving birth soon, she has been very proud of her baby bump but is ready part with it to become comfortable again and carry her child like the lady in the background.

Bronte Beach Sydney

Bernie (dad to be ) took these photos with his iphone.


  1. I definitely think today's generation has the right attitude about this, diane. And what a beautiful woman Sonja is. No extra fat or cellulite - she is positively glowing. When is the little one due?

  2. For mine, it is an individual thing. I agree that in our day, we would never have displayed our 'bump'. Heavens, I was roundly criticised for using the word 'womb' in a conversation with my mother at the end of 1978.

    I like the element of choice. Those who want to display can do so. That who want to cover up can do so.

    Now ... to another topic. We have lift off for our bloggers' function. It has been suggested that Sunday 16th May would be good. How about Sunday lunch in a beer garden down at The Rocks starting say at midday. I have had positive responses from Ann (Sydney Meanderings), Joan (Sweet Wayfaring), Jim (Sydney & Suburbs), Peter (Nth Beaches), so that will make 7 of us. Hopefully you will be grandparents by then!!
    Let me know if date, time, venue suit. The venue is mainly so that people can get there easily.

  3. She looks gorgeous - radiant would be the word! But, bizarrely, I'd rather see the whole bump in a bikini than a bit peeking out of a short tshirt or the whole thing tightly encased with the belly button protruding! Which is what you mostly do see. But I think today's young women are right to be proud - our bodies are fantastic, whatever shape or size.

  4. PS I wish I'd had a photo of me like this - I have one or two of me in a tent in the early 80s!

  5. Diane,
    How people have changed the times. Womens liberation, and isn't it wonderful that a pregnant women can show her figure in public and be so proud of it. It's really freedom. We are so lucky in our country - Australia.

  6. Yes it is amazing how times have changed!

  7. Totally and completely agree that this is a change for the better.

    My grandmother told me I was lucky to get to go out of the house to shop etc, even if I was wearing ugly clothes. She had been "confined" to the house for at least 4 months for each of her pregnancies.

    But one thing that will never change is that during the last month, every mom is eager to carry the baby another way!

  8. She's beautiful and proud..what can possible be better? Hurray for her and too bad for us, huh? It is a miracle and no one, EVER, should be made to feel anything but radiant! {and she certainly IS!}

  9. Congratulations Diane, to have a such beautiful daughters.
    I think soon you'll be a happy grandmother.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Oh, Joy!!!! You will love being a Grammy!


  11. She is so beautiful! I agree that viewing our bodies as beautiful whether pregnant or not is the best way for society to behave. I had to wear all the pregnant tent clothes and hated it. And yes... those last weeks are uncomfortable. Baby will be here soon!

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments.

  13. Oh I love it, Diane.... She's so gorgeous anyhow---and with that big baby bump, that makes her even cuter.. LOVE IT!!!!

    You are so right... We used to hide our pregnancy as much as possible. I don't always like the changes in life --but this one I DO like...

    It's raining at the beach today--so this gives me an opportunity to catch up with some blogging, some reading and some SLEEPING.. ha ha (What a life!)


  14. Good for her. Why not simply be yourself?

    I remember being very big in the summertime and languishing in a chair. The prospect of a bathing suit was not happening. I see what I missed!

    I hope she delivers safely and happily.

  15. What a stunning bump. I love being pregnant and showing off my bump.

  16. She is so beautiful! Such a sunny smile - wishing her a speedy and safe delivery.

    SNAP! I'm in Sydney from tomorrow.



  17. Your daughter is beautiful Diane and yes today's attitude is so much healthier.

  18. That was the same over here ! Nobody could see anything until I was about end of the 5th months ! and I was so angry about that because my friend had given me her pregnancy dresses and they were sooooo beautiful and I wanted to wear these tents, lol ! I wore them for 3 1/2 months, they were very chic, all brand marks which I would never had bought for such a short time ! I even had a "tent" bathing suit, no way to wear my bikinis ! I think it's so nice to see your daughter's belly ! It's a much more sain attitude finally giving birth is nothing to be ashamed of !

  19. She is looking swell, really swell, she must be having a whale of a time.

    Seriously, she looks great, you are gonna love that baby.

  20. This is just not fair. She looks adorable even in that swimsuit and pregnant. I love it.

  21. Sonya, You are so beautiful! You make it all look so effortless and easy! I love you!
    PS Fox is going to be georgeous!

  22. I still remember being in th eUK in 1991 and Demi Moore did her famous pregnancy shots for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. There was a huge outcry and the magazine was sold wrapped in brown paper! Even then at 21 I thought they were the most beautiful photos and was appalled at the outcry. Your daughter looks sensational.

  23. Michelle has left a new comment on your post "How Times Change":

    I still remember being in th eUK in 1991 and Demi Moore did her famous pregnancy shots for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. There was a huge outcry and the magazine was sold wrapped in brown paper! Even then at 21 I thought they were the most beautiful photos and was appalled at the outcry. Your daughter looks sensational.

    Blogger wouldn't let me approve this comment so I had to copy and paste it from my email account.

  24. what a gorgeous photo. she is positively glowing. such a happy time for all concerned. :)