Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coastal Clifftop Walkway

When we stayed with Carol and David on the weekend at Vaucluse, Sydney, they were keen to take us on the clifftop walk to Watson's Bay in Sydney Harbour. The harbour's real name is Port Jackson but most people know it as Sydney Harbour.
So we set off about 11:00am and followed the path along the cliff tops facing the Pacific Ocean. It took a long time because we kept stopping to take photos of the terrific scenery. 

Above we are looking back from where we came in the south.

We passed the Maquarie Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built in Australia. I had to capture it through a chain wire fence hence the angle. 

Out at sea there was a tall ship, it reminded us of how it must have looked when Captain Arthur Phillip  sailed into the harbour in 1788 to start the first settlement.

We walked further north and came to the heads. We are on South head looking at North Head.

We followed the path around South Head into the harbour. We could see the suburb of Manly across the other side. 

Then we could see down the harbour.....

towards the city and the bridge. It is a breathtaking view. Next Saturday, Jessica Watson our 16 year old sailor will sail in here after sailing solo, non stop around the world. The harbour will be full of well wishers, it will be a big celebration for the youngest sailor ever to do this.

We strolled down from the cliff tops to Watson's Bay, the first bay in the harbour.

We had a cool drink there before heading back.

One last look down the harbour to the city, then we climbed back up to the cliff top walk. 

After the long walk we were happy to see the apartment block where Carol and David live, in the middle level behind the tree.


  1. I love seeing my city through your eyes. I guess, actually, it is YOUR city too seeing you grew up here!!

    That is a spectacular view! Get the kids to drive you around to the view from North Head. It will do your head in (sorry) but it is like looking at a mercator map instead of a flat map. Totally worthwhile ...

  2. What a beautiful scenery ! It's really gorgeous ! wished I would be there instead here in the cold ! today 6°C this morning !
    A 16 years old sailed around the world ? Bravo ! I think I have read this somewhere.

  3. Diane, the scenery is beautful. The cliffs and the ocean are gorgeous. Great shots!

  4. Diane, the scenery is beautful. The cliffs and the ocean are gorgeous. Great shots!

  5. Thank you for the tour. It brings back memories. Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful harbour I have ever seen. Seen from so many different angles the view changes continuously.

  6. Thanks for the walk ... the scenery is breathtaking ... reminds me what I like about Sydney.

  7. Wow beautiful world. The harbor is truly breathtaking and one of my favorite scenery!
    Thank you for sharing Diane.

  8. Congratulations, Diane.
    I've dedicated a post of Brisbane on your 41th wedding anniversary.

  9. What a gorgeous place, Diane! Love the water, the harbor and those two huge trees at the picnic grounds are amazing. All of your captures are fabulous, Diane! Thanks for taking us along for such a fun trip! Hope you're having a great week!


  10. Another fun trip! The harbor is just beautiful.

    Thank you so much!

  11. Hi diane;) every photo is STUNNING. The lighthouse (very cleverly done - effective) the sailing ship, the yachts in the bay... Too beautiful.

  12. Spectacular shots. Very beautiful and scenic place.

  13. Not a place for sleepwalkers! Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous.

  14. Wow Diane, what a gorgeous place... Your kids are so lucky to live in that area. It's truly awesome. Love the lighthouse!!!!!

    No baby yet, huh????


  15. Everywhere you take is is more beautiful than the last! Any baby news yet? You must let us know soon!

  16. Brings it all back to me Diane - great shots. I'm a Manly girl, grew up all along the harbour foreshores and rockpools of Forty Baskets, Little Manly etc.

    Hope you continue to have a fabulous time over there and we'll catch up another time.



  17. Beautiful beautiful walk! Parts of it look a little like the Pacific Coast that we know and love (from living in Oregon all those years); parts are very different. All beautiful.

    I'm especially fond of that one picture of the picnickers framed by the two trees.

    Thanks for the update on the young sailor -- I had wondered how she was doing.

  18. Your world is quite nice & very scenic, too! Looks like an incredible place!

  19. What a wonderful walk with spectacular views. Thanks for taking us along. I really liked your photo of the tall ship.

  20. Fantastic photos Diane, I had friends who emigrated and settled in Sydney years ago. Almost joined then but then I met Gregg and moved to America instead. Amazing where those forks in the road take you :)

  21. Such fantastic photos, Diane. We are blessed with some magnificent scenery, aren't we? I was a bit worried about the lighthouse....I thought Global Warming was having a greater impact than I'd imagined....lol.