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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last Tuesday we visited the hospital.
Little Fox has his first bath and Mum is concerned about his crying when he was stripped. He has a plastic wrap over the cannula in his tiny hand. (Awwww) 

After the bath he soon calms down in Dad's safe hands. " Three Boys, Three Generations"

Then its time for cuddles and "pass the parcel." Aunty Carol is first, she adores him and wants to take him home for herself.

Then its Grossvati's turn, a bit hesitant at first but then he's besotted. Grossvati has given Fox the nickname of Bubeli (pronounced booebelie is Swiss for "little boy")

Words can't describe this.

Our Bubeli

Like all parents, they think he is the most beautiful baby in the world.
(He is home now)
(photos taken by Carol)


  1. Congratulations to the proud Parents, Grandparents and Aunty and Uncle...what a gorgeous Bubeli he is...there is nothing on earth quite like the arrival of your first Grandchild....God bless the little angel.


  2. The one photo of the two fingers? Frame it! Sooo cute!!!

  3. Well ... tears welled up in my eyes when I spotted that touching shot of the fingers! It's a beautiful photo. Speaking as a Grandma myself ... there is nothing that compares to the arrival of your first grandchild! To be there for the birth is something very special.

  4. I agree with Bernie, I have tears in my eyes too. I'm so happy for you all. Little Bubeli is a precious and much loved little baby. Congratulations to you all.

  5. Oh Diane, I'm just SO excited for you all... And now that everyone is at home, you all can really enjoy your Bubeli... Isn't he just precious?

    Congrats again!!!

  6. I love these sweet pictures! If Bill is "Grossvati", what are you calling yourself? Grossmuti? Grandmum?

    My sister is "Grammy" to her grandson... she says it makes her feel like a star. LOL!

  7. Awww. He's adorable. And your photos are gorgeous, very touching. I remember my daughter used to hate baths at first - I think newborns are so used to being wrapped that the feel of all that air is weird. But a bit of crying does no harm, in fact might be good. Being alive is scary!

  8. Oh yes, these are wonderful photos, Diane. Each is precious and tells its own story.

    Cannot put words to the touching ...

  9. Your words together with your beautiful images brought tears to my eyes..loving sweet tears of joy for you all! Thank YOU!

  10. This is just the best part of life...you will enjoy every second and crave more. After the tiny child/children you will take a nap and sleep the sleep of the dead and wake with joy in your heart. Here it is all that you hoped and dreamed for wrapped up in a grandchild!

    I am wishing more for you for the passing on of ourselves is the most wonderful gift of all time!


  11. So lovely. Just curious if being around him has made Carol broody?

    It's so nice when they get to go home, hope you and BB will make the most of it before you have to go back home.

  12. Absolutely perfect. There is nothing more precious than a baby.

  13. Priceless precious photos. So glad everybody is home!

  14. Goodness! How very, very beautiful.

  15. Congratulations on your new family member, how exciting for you. A friend of mine has a son who was nicknamed Fox as a child - he's now a strapping young lad in his mid-twenties. Lovely to see Fox now used as a proper name. Enjoy.

  16. Fox William is such a beautiful, beautiful little boy. He sure has a lot of hair for a blondie!

    These photos are all wonderful, but the hands picture melts my heart for sure.

    I have a very special photo of my Nick's large hand with Mackenzie tiny little premie hand, and it is so precious it makes me cry when I look at it. The tenderness in that large hand with her, just as with Fox William.

  17. I share your delight Ma'am Diane with your grandson. Lovely to see the three generations in your family.

    What is granddaughter in Swiss?

    Sometimes we call our newborn girl Bambina. Smile!

  18. With my preparations for my Morocco trip I missed this post ! So touching these first pictures of Bübli and his family ! Being a young mother is quiet stressful !
    From the words Vati and Bübli I conclude that Bill's origins are in the German speaking part of Switzerland !
    I will be "Nonna" which is the Italian word for Grandma, because the other grandma is an Oma, the German and dutch word for Grandma. Mr. G will be a Nonno !

  19. Fox is a beautiful baby! Lovely photos.

  20. Oh, Fox. You give me a jump in my heartbeat! What a lovely little guy you are. I hope I can watch you grow and thrive in blogworld. Your grandparents are very lucky to have you to love. May your life be blessed and may you be a joyful and kind and thoughtful boy. We know you will be a well loved little tike.

    And you just might be the worlds most beautiful baby.....with the exception of my two, of course!