William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Autumn Afternoon

The summery Autumn weather has gone and the cool wintery weather has arrived. We put on our sweaters and went for a walk around the Underwood Park Wetlands.

The afternoon sun lit up the trees against the dark water

As we walked around the lake we headed into the sun.

Children were enjoying feeding the ducks.

I'm not familiar with the different breeds of ducks.

I loved the colours that appeared in the water when I uploaded this shot.


  1. I've been in the Logan Council area, but had not heard of the Wetlands, what a great place to spend a day with photo opportunities!
    Great pics.
    Have a lovely week - Jan

  2. What a great area ... just the place for a stroll. I do love your photos ... it's an amazing sight - those trees rising up out of the water!

  3. I love wetlands! And the top two pictures at least look quite a bit like the one we visited this past week here in Ft Myers, except it is SO HOT here right now. I enjoyed dropping in to yours to cool off. thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! I can't get enough words to say!
    The reflections of the above is just awesome! And the ethereal colour of the water looks fantastic too! Everything is!

  5. Oh AUTUMN.... I cannot wait... Summer is my least favorite season --and our summer is just beginning.

    Love your pictures. What a neat place. I love that last picture also, Diane. The colors of the water are marvelous.

    How's the baby? What have your heard from them since getting home?


  6. Your photos are so beautiful Diane. You are really gifted with that camera.

    I would love to see this in person. Beautiful!

  7. Diane

    The bottom photo of a duck is a "Wood Duck".
    As for the top one, I have no idea, however, it certainly doesn't believe in any type of camouflage "protection". Therefore could be some type of "domestic" duck, that has been let loose?????

    ps: Saw my first, in the wild koala, at the "Burrell hacienda" way up a tree sleeping!

  8. Beautiful images again Diane, especially of those waters. I'm working on a water brochure for a company at the moment, and have used very similiar images from a lake nearby (Had to edit out the swans though!)

    The top "duck" is a Wood Duck (also called the Maned Goose). The bottom one is a Pacific Black. As a farmer's dughter I had many a dinner of those 2 species growing up. Had to catch them first as well!



  9. Forgot to add that it's a male Wood Duck - they have the choclate brown heads. The girls have a lighter coloured head with white stripes across their eyes.

  10. It is interesting that the trees grow right in the water.

  11. Diane love the picture story and the knowledge learned from fellow bloggers. I am struggling to identify wildlife since coming to the bush and this helps. Thanks

  12. You have some very lovely natural areas for walking. It will be refreshing to come here and read about your autumn and winter as we head into our hot, hot summer here...thought thankfully, it hasn't gotten so very hot yet.

  13. And now I am sitting in the heat ! 34°C, but it's nice. We still have a wonderful time and a lot of fun !
    I don't know anything about ducks either, lol !

  14. I forget that as Summer approaches you are getting winter. Beautiful shots of the white trees against the dark water. I love to feed ducks!

  15. Oh, I love your photos! They are stunning and I so admire you being able to capture that special quality of light in the autumn that you only see that time of year. Wonderful photos!

  16. Great pics Diane and agree with you re the mirrored effect with the Pacific Black at the bottom