William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When I was little, I remember my Dad put things into his shoes to keep their shape and stretch them. He called them SHOE TREES. I thought that was a funny name for them.  One day Bill said to me,.......
"I need something to stretch my shoes." I told him about my Dad and shoe trees. He laughed but we went hunting for shoe trees and actually found some, which Bill uses now. But are they real SHOE TREES??

Some time ago we went to town using the park and ride system, where the stations have big car parks to encourage you to leave your car out of the city and ride on the train. So we checked the train timetable and arrived at Kuraby Station 5 mins before the train should arrive. Not so! Apparently that train has been scrapped from the timetable so we had to kill time for 35 mins. We had our cameras........

...and we started looking around for something to shoot. There was not much about in this old part of the suburb except this little store now a gaudy Real Estate Agency. Then I noticed.........  

....a pair of shoes hanging on the wires above the store. After a while I noticed........

...That there were more shoes hanging in the tree next to the store. The more we looked .........

...the more we found. We started counting them and our SHOE TREE kept us amused until......

...our train arrived. How many pairs can you find?


  1. Good heavens, what a hoot! That must be hundreds of dollars up there!

    How did Bill know that his shoes needed to be stretched? Like they must have been too tight, but maybe too small rather.

    I did not know that was how you inserted 'shoe trees'.

  2. Being a long time resident of Kuraby I can give you some of the lives of the old store. That was originally our local butcher, Jock, who lived in the residence next door where the shoes are hanging in the tree. After Jock 'went to God' his daughter re-opened the shop in later years as her hairdressing salon. After she shut shop, it became an exclusive, 'appointment only' hair salon. This venture did not last too long, and now it is a real estate agent.
    According to folklore the shoes over the line and trees are supposed to indicate that drugs are available there, but who knows. The residence is now rented.......... Ann J

  3. You know what -- I've seen a pair or two of shoes like that slung (is that a word?) up on wires in several places where we've been -- and wondered why on earth...?

    I love that you used your spare time to do a photo hunt!

  4. Now that's a very special occupation ! counting shoes ! I already counted train wagons passing by, cars or trucks, I should count sheeps to fall asleep, but shoes ?? what a funny idea, lol !

  5. Well, I hope the laces rot and they eventually fall out of the tree. But at least it gave you something to look at while you were waiting for the train. :-)
    Your post from last year about your lemon tree came up under "you might also like", so I took a look at that post too. How lucky you are to have all those gorgeous lemons right in your own yard!! (I LOVE Lemon!!)

  6. I liked to see the shoe tree, but if it means drugs are sold there, oh my goodness.

    I think I'll just go for the humor in it.


  7. What a hilarious story Diane!

    Yes, I have heard that "shoefiti", a US term, lets everyone know that a crack house is nearby.....



  8. cute post, Diane... You saw a REAL shoe tree.... Amazing!!!! I remember those things which you put in shoes. I think my Daddy used to have some...

    Just think... If you hadn't have had to wait for 35 minutes, you would never have seen the Shoe Tree. Just how special is that!!!!! ha ha

    Thanks for sharing. I have no idea how many pairs there were... Tell me!!!

  9. What fun. Men's shoe shops sell those shoe trees for keeping your shoes in shape. My husband got some and the lie on the bedroom floor mostly and his shoes still have good shape ... mmmm

  10. Hi, its been a while since I popped in, glad I did, I had no idea there were these things called shoe trees. I just assumed shoe trees were closet hangers/storage things for shoes.

    The shoes suspended in the air are great! There has been a pair hanging off the power lines in our neighbourhood for months, I guess they are being left there until they totally decompose in the weather. sometimes I think I must be the only person who sees them.

    I love interesting detours in your day, like finding all the shoes!

  11. I say 7 or 8, I can't believe BB laughed at you, even I knew what a show tree is. Once my ex thought I was making the word smidgen up, I mean really.

    You are KILLING me with your blog header, it it just like home, and in response to your comment, it was actually still surprisingly painful to write about it, but I need to finish the series for myself. And the truth is, we are VERY unlikely to ever go back to live, at the moment we are even too scared to go back and visit. We are much more likely to move there or NZ than back to SA. If it were a case of it were as safe in SA as here, there would be no question. Anyway, we did make the right decision for this part of our lives, we'll have to wait and see what the next part holds when the time comes to make a decision.

  12. I was thinking that was a lot of money in those trees, too. Maybe money does grow on trees, then. That was a fun post.

  13. Great post and did not know shoes stung up like that were the indicator for drugs...live and learn...we will know where to go if we decide to "shoot up"...

    And the shoe tree, I need one to stretch my new hiking boots ...thank you Diane..

  14. Diane, this was such an amusing post! When I was a kid the boys would tie up their old sneakers when they got a new pair and try to toss them up on electrial wires in the street and have them hang like that. I don't know why they did it, typical boy mischief I guess.

  15. very clever tie in. :) what a nice way to spend some time. most people would stress out about the train not coming. what an eyesore they've made out of that quaint little shop. pity. a lovely read as usual. :)

  16. Re your comment on the young family on the beach ...

    Me so too, Diane. Me so too. Every time I see a young family, I quiver with the anticipation.

    If I am right you lob down into Sydney on 2nd May. When you know the lay of the land baby-wise, we must meet for coffee/cake etc.

    Now to look at your jungle ....