William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well, I like it!

We went for a walk through the city today. We caught the bus, it only took 30 mins on the designated busway which runs next to the Motorway. It is faster, cheaper and cleaner than going by car. The Brisbane River winds its way through the middle of the city and there are many bridges crossing it. The newest bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge called Kurilpa Bridge. It is the name of an aboriginal girl from an aboriginal story about this area. We haven't walked across it yet so that is our adventure for today. 

The new bridge consists of an  array of cables and flying struts recalling the ropes and spars of sailing ships and boats.
The bridge is a multiple-mast, cable-stay structure based on principles of tensegrity, an architectural and engineering system in which the structural integrity is a synergy between balanced tension and compression components. This produces a lightweight yet strong and stable structure.

It has an all weather cover, lighting and viewing platforms. We are walking towards the CBD and Transit Centre.
From the viewing platform, looking up river we can see the William Jolly bridge, behind that the rail bridge and after that another bridge is under construction called the "Go Between Bridge" named after a well known Brisbane musical group.
Of course we have to include a photo of our speedy City Cats.
Looking down river we can see the Victoria Bridge..... 
and the Riverside Expressway with a new pedestrian and bicycle path underneath. During the week the road is full of cars but everyone has gone away for Easter. 
If you are wondering why the river is brown, it is because the mayor turned it into chocolate for Easter. (he he he )It has been raining for a few months now and lots of mud and silt has been washed into the river. It is usually a slow river, lazily meandering through the Brisbane Valley to empty into Moreton Bay.  When torrential, tropical rain falls the river runs faster stirring up the bottom.
This design has caused a lot of discussion in the city. There have been many negative comments but I like it.
Looking back towards the Gallery of Modern Art and the cultural precinct.


  1. I think it's interesting. Something I'd like to see in person.

  2. Me too Lucy. We need to get together and go visit Diane and Bill. Are you free next week?

    I would love to ride on one of those beautiful boats too. I'll take Tinkerbell if you take Hank. Australia would never be the same (hee hee).

  3. Hi Diane -- I loved this post, especially the last one! It's a beautiful bridge -- and City.

    This is my first time visiting you and I scrolled down three or four posts; love the variety -- very interesting and great pictures every time. thanks for sharing!!

  4. Brisbane is a gorgeous and modern city. I've never seen so many bridges and roads built above ground in my life. Gorgeous!!!! The new biking and walking bridge is interesting. I'll bet it is prettier when you can see it in person --rather than trying to photograph it. It's interesting --for sure!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see your city someday.


  5. You are all welcome but not at the same time. Sorry animals are not allowed into the country unless quarantined for 6 months first.

  6. I like a city with a river and many bridges. The modern construction style belongs to our time, it looks light and airy. Great photos. Diane, the "Bilby" has to work a little on its recognition as replacement for the bunny. I would like it as an Australian symbol for Easter. The problem is it continuously denies to colour eggs.
    Perhaps next year. Happy Easter. T.

  7. I love the Kurilpa bridge. I think it is because it reminds me of the masted sailing ships. I always wanted to climb in the rigging. Thank you for the great photos and tour. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. hi Diane, i love your blog. always great photos and everything is interesting. i esp. love modern art and have spent the last fifteen minutes wandering around your blog instead of cleaning my windows. aahh what would i do with the internet? :) have a great weekend

  9. I had a day in Brisbane last Winter. Went to the Botanic Gardens and shopping! I really liked the city.

  10. Oh soooo contemporary! The new bridge looks rather like a giant Cat's Cradle (I spent a huge amount of time in my youth playing that!)

    Great post as usual Diane - thanks for sharing your continuing adventures!



  11. I haven't seen this bridge in person yet but look forward to doing so later this year, then I will offer my verdict but I suspect I will like it. Wishing you a very Happy Easter Diane.

  12. That's a fantastically complicated bridge - but it reminds me of the rigging on a tall ship so it seems very appropriate.

  13. I was been to Brisbane once and haven't seen this bridge during our visit. It is a beautiful bridge and wish to take a walk there the next time we visit. Great shots. Love all your photos and your header.

    Thanks for the visit. Really appreciate it.

  14. Thanks for this beautiful sightseeing ! I hope once I can see it life !

  15. it's a beautiful bridge and I loved taking a virtual tour of Brisbane. Isn't the internet wonderful?
    Happy Easter and God Bless.

  16. So beautiful! You had a great day to visit the city and we get the benefit of these gorgeous photographs. Thanks Diane!

  17. Brisbane looks so clean and modern and well maintained, Diane --unlike almost everything here in NYC..lol

    We spent the day bumping over many potholes in the road that were left over from the rough winter weather.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  18. Nice Diane. Would be fun to visit Brisbane some day. Love the look of the place. THanks for sharing.

  19. What an intricate design that bridge is. And so many other bridges and walkways. It also all looks SO clean. I hope to be able to photograph the many bridges over the Nile when I return to Khartoum next week. Thanks for the lovely tour of your beautiful city.