William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain, Rain...you can stay.

It is very unusual for us to have rain at this time of the year. Usually from April to November is very dry and we have to spend a lot of time and water to keep the garden alive. Not now! The garden and I are loving it. Here are some shots from around our garden.
Lillipilly trees

and their new leaves.

A pathway under the trees.


and its flower

Tarragon under the lemon tree.

Tarragon flower.

OH look! Autumn leaves in Brisbane (never happens) The native trees lose their leaves and regrow them all year round. This is the melaleuca tree that the lorikeets like, see last post.


  1. Lovely photos ... like your new header photo too. That Tibouchina is so gorgeous ... haven't had much luck with them here.

    We've been getting non-stop showers of rain all through April up here in what is supposed to be 'Brownsville' about this time of year. Like Brissie, it's still green around here and still raining ... so unusual!

  2. After it raining all summer here it has dried up for a couple of weeks. The row of lillypillies looks terrific. A also like the Tobouchina ... I reckon it would look nice in my garden but it might be a bit cold for it as I haven't seen any of them flowering this high up.

  3. Your garden looks so colorful ! don't say that rain should stay, imagine you would get a clima like in Belgium where it rains all the time ?

  4. Beautiful pictures -- love the water drops. The tarragon under the lemon tree is wonderful -- need a recipe here!

    So glad you kept the header photo!

  5. Your header and all the following photos are just plain WOW!


  6. Diane

    With all this rain, you'll be out again in a week, clearing paths and cutting back the tropical growth! So you better get BB to start cooking you very hearty meals to keep up the strength!
    I used to be woken up at dawn by the lorikeets screeching their heads off in the bottle brush trees, but the Indian Myna birds have got rid of them all!!!
    Colin (HB)

  7. I too thought the rain would have slowed down by now. But we are getting a few bits of sunshine in between so hopefully all my seeds dont drown (again)

  8. Beautiful!! I love seeing everything in your garden -so many of your plants remind me of my childhood. We called the Tibouchina the Lent Tree, as it's big purple blooms appeared at about that time of year.

  9. Hi Diane! This weather is getting crazy; we had (still having) the wettest winter I remember in the last years.
    And now a vulcano...

    Blogtrotter Two has a French party for you in Turkey... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

  10. Glorious photos as usual Diane (yes, I'm sort of back). You have really mastered your camera, wish I could say the same - I think I need to do a course to use it to its full potential.

  11. YAY! Tazar is back AND posting again! YAY!

  12. Whoaaaa, where did my big long comment go???

    Diane, check your moderation queue, it said it savd my comment and will be visible after approval.

    If it's not there, I yakked about you and Bill were the modern Jane & Tarzan, swinging on vine thru that jungle of yours,... something about me feeling all achey by just looking at your pics,.... and how wonderful you must feel after such a humungous clear out.

    Great post!

  13. Hi Diane, oh what a beautiful garden you have, great photographs. Hard work though:) no wonder you look fit and healthly.

  14. My goodness, Girlfriend! Your photos are book-worthy! And love love love the new header :-) Just heaard on the news about an earthquake in Australia - are you near? Hope all is well..I have missed a lot this week, haven't I? NEVER boring, you are one of my very favorites - I've just been a bit scattered this week..
    You know how I love learning all about Australia and the names of the trees and birds...Lillipilly trees? Wonderful!

  15. Oh my goodness Diane. I hope some day I get as good with my Canon DSLR as you are with yours. These shots are incredible -- and I want that bird! He is beautiful.

  16. Diane
    Very nice to have a look around yr garden - lovely! Autumn leaves are pretty - I love this time of the year! The pink lillipilly leaves are great - what a wonderful photo.

  17. Diane, I love the photo of the flower with the rain drop about to fall from it. Did you take thts with a macro lens?

    Your garden is so pretty ..You are so lucky to have a lemon tree!

    xxoo Pat

  18. No, Pat, I don't have a macro lens but would like one...maybe I'll put it on my Birthday list. I use my tele lens and get as close as the camera will allow which is about 45 cm. I would love to be able to get closer. I could with my little Sony Cybershot. Anyway sometimes the shots turn out OK but many end up in the trash bin.