William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Friday, April 16, 2010


At last the weather is cooling down enough to be able to work in the garden. With all the rain this summer it has been hard to keep the garden from overgrowing into a jungle because it has been too hot to work outside. 

The pathways were impassable, so.....

 with my trusty secateurs I declared war on the jungle.

The slaughtered jungle grew into a big pile....

which had to be moved, so I filled the wheel barrow (looks like a bad hair day)

and I got my daily exercise pushing it up the hill.....

four b........dy times.

Crikey! The garden bag is full....now what?

Just stuff it in (yet another bum cam from Mr B.)

                                               Before                                                 After

Ah ha now I can see the path and walk through the garden (and lie down and rest my sore back).


  1. Wow! You deserve a day off. Go in and lie down with a cup of tea and a good book now. You have a really lovely home and those surroundings are great.

  2. Oh, goodness! That up-the-hill-thing looks hard.

    But your hard work really did pay off. Some of the really cool plants you chopped down we baby over here as house plants.


  3. Job well done! Your garden is beautiful.


  4. I thought the rain made my garden a jungle but I think you win.

  5. Wow Diane, now that you have had all of that experience---you can come and help me WEED all of our flowerbeds... Okay?????? ha ha

    It does look better ---and all of your hard work has paid off.... Were you doing all of the work--and hubby was just taking pictures???? I want HIS job... ha ha

    Congrats.... Bet you were tired after that work.

  6. Wow, what an improvement. I love cutting back and getting in there in April. I envy you being able to do this - I was at it last year this time. You are fit, diane. I have threatened my hubby or others that I am not to be taken from the rear. You look good in ALL the photos though. I'd be photographing John and David, the gardeners pushing the wheelbarrow! I can imagine you had a good night's sleep after all that fresh air and exercise.

  7. Your yard and garden are lush and beautiful! It sure is a lot of hard work to keep a garden in tip top shape, isn't it? I an enjoying looking at the plants that you have there.

  8. Good lord woman!! Four times ... and with BB on lazy-cam ... blokes!!

    I had an interesting morning ... got a phone call from my ex. Would I please come over and photograph the bird poop on his yard from the dozy bitch in the unit above him. When I got there, he and his latest flame (she is very nice actually!) filled me in on the shenaningans and we tried to take shots. He wanted incriminating shots of her actually feeding the lorikeets. Well, I think she twigged to what we were doing, and went back into her unit. So .. muggins me, left my camera with them to shoot away in their own time when they thought best. Me ... I left my camera with them .. .ooo I feel so naked!

    I had better get it back tomorrow like he promised ...

  9. Poor you ! I feel with you ! tonight you will certainly sleep well ! I had to mow the grass for the first time, was also quiet hard although are garden is rather a little square !

  10. Girl I am exhausted just reading your post! But the path really does look great in the "after" shot. Good going.

    I remembered when I got here a few minutes ago that I meant to look up the shoe throwing thing after your last post -- so I left and did that. There is quite an extensive article in Wikipedia -- lots of it not verified, but interesting anyway. At least I know I didn't imagine seeing them ;>)

  11. That was a lot of hard work, Diane, but your garden looked wonderful in the end!

  12. It's amazing how quickly everything grows with some rain ... lots of hard work done now and the garden's looking great. That Monstera deliciosa is huge!

  13. All you need is a vine and you could swing thru the jungle you two! Jane & her Tarzan....

    I feel all achey just looking at you working - what a job!

    You must've felt enormous satisfaction after that clear out, bum cam and all!



  14. OK, that UPhill stuff, while pushing a wheelbarrow (wheelbarrel??) looks like MUCH more of a workout than my Zumba! The grounds look beautiful..good job!

  15. Hard work, but good exercise. I'm allergic to hard work.