William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Friday, April 9, 2010

City Scape

As we came to the end of our walk around the city (see past posts) we passed these interesting sculptures of our national emblem made out of scrap metal in George Street. Then we turned into Queen St Mall.

Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall has long been considered the centre of fashion and retail in Queensland. This vibrant shopping and lifestyle precinct lies at the heart of Brisbane City and is arguably Australia’s most successful pedestrian mall, playing host to over 26 million visitors a year.

The Queen Street Mall offers an unrivalled mix of local, national and international labels and flagship stores. Some 700+ retailers have made their homes here – many enjoy mall and street frontage, others are tucked away inside world-class centres and heritage-listed arcades. (from the web)

The Mall was created in 1982 and extended in 1988, 1999 and re-developed in 2005. In 2003 it was recognised by the International Downtown Association as the worlds best downtown precinct beating some of the world's higher profile cities.
We just missed this aboriginal busker playing his didgeridoo. He is now checking his takings.
When the Mall was developed the historical facades had to be kept but modern stores were built behind them.

The old bank is still operating.

  1959                                                              1939

Six nights before the last trams ceased to run in Queen St and Brisbane 1969

(last three photos taken from the web)


  1. Couple of thoughts: Those sculptures are charming. I look at a couple of blogs from other cities in your country and outdoor art in places where everybody goes seems to be very important. Which is great! Wish we had more of that.

    Secondly -- that mall is wonderful. So many people out there doing their thing and I like that they kept the facades.

    So many downtowns here are pretty much dying out -- and the huge indoor malls just don't have much personality.
    thanks for showing us what everyday life is like in Brisbane!

  2. I would love to have these sculptures in our garden, they are really very nicely done. I read this morning the history of Brisbane in Wikipedia was very interesting. I also read about the Brisbane war (with the American soldiers) reminded me of American occupation after the war in Germany. But they were still far better then the Russians, lol !

  3. Gosh it looks like Perth's City Malls! Right down to the old sandstone Bank buildings.

    I don't know what Brissy's centre is like at night, but Perth's is dead dead dead. They are trying to inject a bit of life into the old girl at night but it's just not happening.

    Seeing your photos has made me really want to have a good 'ole explore for myself. Have put it on The List Of Places To Visit!



    PS - I wonder if Fat Butt would be impressed with those sculptures.....

  4. Thanks Diane for continuing to show us your gorgeous city. So--you don't have the streetcars (trams) anymore??? I lived in New Orleans for 5 yrs. in the '80's (long before Hurricane Katrina hit)--and my kids got to go to school on the streetcar. That was just so neat!!!! We loved that old city.

    Love the little sculptures... SO creative... Is that shopping area what I would call "Up-scale" (for the rich and wealthy)????? Do you have discount stores around like our Walmart???? Since I don't live among the rich and famous---I love Walmart!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I want those sculptures. Do I need to send you my address?

    I bet the dogs would bark at them all day long.

  6. Fun! Really creative kangaroo sculptures!!! And that looks like a really lovely shopping district! Too bad they don't have the street cars anymore.

  7. Like the photos in here, even the oldies from the web. Like to see how things have changed down through the decades. Did not know that malls and downtown areaa were assessed. Our Pitt St Mall is a sick and sad example, I am afraid. As is the Bondi Junction Mall. Full of people with nothing else to fill their day.

    They should get themselves a blog!

  8. Oh, the kangaroos look like robots :-) and the artchetexture? Beautiful! I'm so glad they kept the historic facade :-)

    Thanks again for the tour..

  9. Diane I am with Cindy, has been many years since I visited the heart of Brisbane and looks so interesting

    I saw a programme last week and the mall belongs to a trust set up by a family with a cloudy past with all the profits going to Queensland University...so interesting...thank you again for sharing