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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Continuing my mother's diary of our migration to Australia part of  My Story.
The ship was the Georgic a sister ship of the Titanic so I am linking with Sepia Saturdays theme of Titanic survivors.

Wednesday 12th January 1949
Breakfast is at 8am, so it meant up by 7am, as unfortunately there is no tea in bed, so it is go and get it.
The food is very good and there is always fresh fruit, any type of cereal required, bacon and eggs, or fish etc. Freshly baked rolls, which are the nicest pure white rolls I’ve ever tasted, with lashings of butter. For lunch there is always delicious soup, fish or savoury course, salads with ham, beef, tongue, roast beef, lamb and a nice variety of sweets, coffee etc. Afternoon tea is on the upper main deck with tea and warm buns crammed with fruit. Dinner at 6pm. We have soup, entrees, turkey, mashed and baked potatoes, peas, beans, carrots etc. Blancmange, fruit, rolls, cheese, biscuits. After all this we can buy wads of lovely biscuits and I could just keep gorging all day long.

(It must be remembered that my parents had suffered severe food shortages and rationing in England during and after the war years.)
 Mum, Dad and me sailing on the M.S. Georgic from England to Australia in 1949.

 It was January and the weather was cold when we set off.

 I was six and my brother, David was eleven.

Len and the children didn’t eat today. David felt sick and Diane was a little sick and Len absolutely laid flat. He looked awful and felt like dying, but I dragged him on deck. All day he was really ill, although the sea is quite calm. Loads of the other passengers are vomiting everywhere, while I am feeling as fit as a fiddle. Life boat drill.

Besides finding my mother's diary I also have her photo albums. These photos are 60 years old.
Life boat drill.


  1. Wondeful blog. You were so adorable in these pictures too. I love the picture of the life boat too. You should frame this one for your home.

  2. Those photos are wonderful and how lucky you are to still have them. I lost a lot of mine through a divorce. The few that I have are precious to me. Interesting diary also.

  3. Gosh you two were quick off the mark with your comments. Thank you so much.
    Kat: The photos are too small and of poor quality to frame and hang and I have enough hanging now. I do have a nice coloured one of the ship hanging.
    Lucy: that is such a shame to have lost old photos.Is there no way you an get a copy of them?

  4. what a wonderful treasure to have that diary and photos!!

  5. I can certainly understand the food descriptions when they had been through the war in England. They must have felt so like children in a candy shop to have it set before them so plentiful.

    Those photos are great for being so old.

  6. It happened a lifetime ago, yet your mother's words and the lovely photos bring it all back.
    Such a great find her diary, you daughters will be thrilled too!

  7. These are great photos, memories. I took some relatively small ones of my husband and his brother and I had them scanned, and re-printed in a larger size. They're not perfect, but I love them anyway (and be said for my husband and his brother as well!)

  8. wow the old picturesa looks great
    it really captured the memories behind it
    have a great day and happy blogging

  9. Gday Dianne, How wonderful to have your Mothers Diary of your trip to Australia, and the Photo's to help relive the journey,,

  10. Such good food in 49 was amazing ! We had the same in Germany during and after war. Hunger ! Not me I always got enough, but my parents and grandparents. I was born in 43. It must be something you never forget in your whole life. My mother's big fear until she died was being hungry again !

  11. Bless your mother for keeping these diaries, what an incredible gift and her story with all those photos are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing them, they have made very interesting reading.

  12. I am so moved by these entries, I'm sure they hold such great significance for you too.

  13. It's great that you have kept these journals and photos.

    Thank you for sharing them.

  14. I can well understand how much the fresh food meant to your family, after the war it must have been like moving to the Land of Plenty. Like me you are lucky to have these photos. Diane

  15. Look at you! What a sweetie. Great photos.

  16. Wow finding your mum's diary is bloody awesome makes one want to read more, and happy clap there is more to read.....the photos are wonderful as well........

  17. That first paragraph made me so hungry. But the next part, not so much.

  18. Great photos & also great to have them along with your mother's diary. That 3rd picture of you hanging onto the rail was a little worrisome, however. One slip of a foot & you could have slipped right through that lower railing! Good thing you didn't!! :)